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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in other games of the series, see Market.

The Market is a Heroic Age economic building in Age of Mythology. With Nü Wa, it can be built in the Classical Age already. It is available to all civilizations and must be built to reach the Mythic Age. At the Market, players can buy and sell resources, train Caravans and research technologies related to these and other economic functions. It also acts as the drop-off site for Caravans.

When buying and selling resources, gold is considered the standard resource. Players can buy food and wood with gold, or sell food and wood to obtain gold. The more of a resource a player sells, the lower its buying price becomes; the converse is also true. Buying and selling resources is useful in cases when one resource is in short supply or is in surplus.

Caravans travel from the Market to any Town Center the player or an ally controls, obtaining gold. This is added to the player's stockpile (i.e. is dropped off) when the Caravan returns to the Market. Each time the distance between Market and Town Center doubles, the gold gathered approximately quadruples, so it is wise to build a Market as far as possible from the Town Center it is trading with. Trading with an allied Town Center provides 50% extra gold.

The approximate formula for calculating gold production is:

where, y represents gold generated and X represents a Market-length of distance.

Further statistics[]

Civilization bonuses[]

God bonuses[]

  • FuXiPortrait Fu Xi: -20% cost.
  • NuWaPortrait Nü Wa: Markets are available since the Classical Age.





Technology tree[]

Market icon AOM
Tax Collectors


In each sizable town, residents created a trading center, or Market, where food items and craft goods were exchanged. In larger towns the markets became the center of trade with other towns. Markets such as the Greek agora became also a place for the exchange of ideas, entertainment (bards, acrobats, musicians), and the spreading of news.
—In-game help section


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