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Marching and Fighting is the first scenario in the William Wallace learning campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Designed for those who have never before played an Age of Empires game, it teaches players the basics of controlling units and attacking.


We are without a leader. The dead king of Scotland has no heir.

War creeps in from the south, where Edward Longshanks, the avaricious King of England, has returned from successful campaigns to conquer Wales and France. As Longshanks turns his attention to Scotland, the shadow of fear settles across the Highlands.

The English have thousands of Welsh longbowmen, hundreds of knights on horseback, and dozens of siege weapons.

We Scottish have a rabble of untrained soldiers who do not even know how to march in a straight line. We must act soon. If we have any chance of resistance, we need to forge an army by any means necessary.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]


  • Follow the instructions to reach the Scottish village.


  • You can scroll to view more of the map by moving your mouse to the sides of the screen. For example, move your mouse to the very bottom of the screen to scroll down.



  • Player (Celts): The player starts with one Militia in the center of the map.


  • English (Britons): The English are the only opponent. They attack the player's village with three Militia at the very end of the scenario. They are easily defeated.


The player starts with one Militia, and walks him from flag to flag. Reaching the third flag requires entering the black, unexplored area. At the fourth flag, the player gets two more Militia as well as a Knight. When the player reaches the fourth flag, an English Outpost appears. Destroy it and follow the road to reach the village. Once there, it falls in the player's possession. Almost immediately, three English Militia come to attack the player's village. Once they are defeated, the scenario is won.


Scotland has soldiers now, if only a few. But if we are to turn back the greed of Edward Longshanks, we will need many more recruits, and much more gold in our coffers.

These ancient stones and oaks around us will soon be steeped in the blood of Clansmen.


  • Although the player is in the Dark Age, the Gaia village is Feudal Age. The player cannot create Villagers from the Town Center (though cheats still work).
  • To the northwest of the village, as with most other scenarios in this campaign, there is an English Militia in the woods, but he cannot be reached, due to the player being unable to create Villagers. This is to prevent the English from being defeated prematurely.
  • In the east of the map, outside the wood in the unreachable area, the word 'ES' is written in the grass, which is probably an homage to Ensemble Studios.
  • The starting Militia have +1/+2 armor, a combination that normally can never be reached by the Celts.
  • Throughout the game, the speed cannot be changed.
  • In the Definitive Edition, a black and a white flag can be found near the shore outside the playable area. 

Historical comparison[]

  • Although Edward Longshanks went to war with France during this time period, his campaigns were not successful as stated in the narration. His army was defeated by the French Count of Artois, Robert II, and his incursions against Philip IV of France weren't any more fruitful.