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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in Age of Empires III, see Manor (Age of Empires III).

The Manor is an Archaic Age building in Age of Mythology: The Titans, only available to the Atlanteans. Manors replace the House that other cultures build, and support 20 population and have a built limit of five, while Houses support 10 population and have a build limit of 10.

This has both pros and cons. Fewer Manors have to be built in order to maximize population space, but when one is destroyed, 20 population slots are lost rather than just ten. Like for like, Manors cost a little more than Houses but have more hit points. A Manor would occupy a lager portion of the player's base, but since they only have a build limit of five, they technically occupy the same space as large as 10 Houses. Unlike Houses, Manors can garrison units – up to five human units or Citizens.


When agriculture made possible a less nomadic lifestyle, humans began creating more permanent living quarters near their farms, rather than occupying transitory camp sites near hunting grounds or natural shelters like caves.

At its height, Atlantis was home to millions. Atlanteans built sturdy homes of wood, stone, and plaster. These houses were large family Manors and several generations of Atlanteans would live together under one roof. Between campaigns Atlantean soldiery were taken in, fed, clothed, and treated as family.