The Manchu is a Chinese mercenary Cavalry Archer available in the original Age of Empires III.

A fierce mounted archer from China, the Manchu may be shipped from the Home City or trained from the Saloon/Monastery.

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Manchu were originally only available through shipments but with The WarChiefs expansion and introduction of the Saloon, Manchu may be of several of random two mercenaries that can be trained from Saloon. Asian civilizations have a Monastery as an equivalent for Saloon which trains same units but with the word "Repentant" in front of their names. Manchu can be shipped from the Home Cities of Ottomans, Portuguese, Russians, Spanish, and Chinese.

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The language the Manchu speak is not Mandarin, like other units native to China, but their own Manchu language (Manju Gisun), an unrelated, endangered language of Tungusic origin native to Manchuria and one of the official languages of the Qing dynasty.

  • Je? (ᠵᡝ) - yes?
  • Temgetu selgiyen? (ᡨᡝᠮᡤᡝᡨᡠ ᠰᡝᠯᡤᡳᠶᡝᠨ) - official order?
  • Qouha belheme jurambi. (ᠴᠣᠣᡥᠠ ᠪᡝᠯᡥᡝᠮᡝ ᠵᡠᡵᠠᠮᠪᡳ) - troop ready to set out.
  • Bi uthai genembi. (ᠪᡳ ᡠᡨᡥᠠᡳ ᡤᡝᠨᡝᠮᠪᡳ) - I immediately go.
  • Je! (ᠵᡝ) - yes!
  • Bire! (ᠪᡳᡵᡝ) - charge!
  • Wa! (ᠸᠠ) - kill!

History Edit

"The Manchu people overthrew the Ming dynasty in the middle of the seventeenth century. They established the Ch'ing dynasty and tried to remain separate from the general populace of China. They had been a nomadic people once, riding and fighting from horseback, and tending crops and herds. The Ch'ing dynasty ruled China for about 300 years.

Manchurian soldiers and warriors fought with recurve bows, swords, lances, halberds, and even their bare hands. They wore heavy robes that hung to the knee, allowing free movement on foot and horseback.

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