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Major Ryan Cooper is a hero unit in the Act III: Steel campaign in Age of Empires III . He fought in the War of 1812 and was remembered for his cavalry.


A cavalry commander in the U.S. Army, Cooper is a veteran of the frontier and a career military officer. He has tangled with everyone from the Lakota to the Mexican army and has always come out on top. Cooper is everything an officer should be: brave, smart, and certain where his loyalties lie. His only flaw is a touch of overconfidence; he never admits he's made a mistake.

Cooper is assigned to protect Amelia whilst she and her Railroad Workers continue laying tracks towards California.

He becomes a good friend of Amelia and they work together to defend an American fort from the invading Mexican army. Amelia is lured into a trap by Pierre Beaumont, though Kanyenke and Cooper arrive to help her. Cooper travels with Amelia until he is attacked by Beaumont and two pet wolves in the Everglades, Florida.

He confronts Beaumont to convince him surrender but he was attacked by two White Wolves, Cooper manages to shoot one of them before being mauled and killed by the other. He was buried by Amelia in Florida.

In-game unit[]

Major in the US Cavalry.
—In-game description

Cooper attacks with a revolver that appears to be the Remington Model 1858 and a cavalry sword. Although he is an infantry unit, it is stated that he prefers to fight on horseback. He has the ability to train Hussars as if he were a mobile Stable, but cannot move and attack while doing so.

Like other heroes, Cooper has many hit points, but if he falls, he will collapse instead of dying and need to regenerate enough hit points to be rescued by allies. He can collect treasures but, unlike Explorers, cannot build Trading Posts and Town Centers, and have no special abilities.

The Military Promotion Home City Card promotes Cooper from Major to Colonel, increasing his hit points and ranged attack by 40%, and his melee and siege attack by 35%.

Overall, Cooper is a very effective infantry unit if handled carefully, however he is weak against Boneguards.

In-game dialogue[]

  • Select 1 I'm ready
  • Select 2 Yes
  • Select 3 What is your command?
  • Move 1 I'll do it
  • Move 2 I'm going now
  • Move 3 Right
  • Attack 1 Attack!
  • Attack 2 To battle!
  • Death
  • Grunt 1
  • Grunt 2
  • Grunt 3
  • Revive


  • Cooper's in-game dialogue from the Age of Empires III campaign is reused for Black Family Estate infantry units and male Settlers/Villagers in the The WarChiefs campaign with the pitch raised slightly. In the Definitive Edition, his voice clips are also reused for some American units.
  • Cooper is the only protagonist to die in the middle of the act that he appears.