Mahouts is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that is unique to the Persians and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it increases the speed of War Elephants by +30%.

Strategy Edit

For a Persian player who uses War Elephants, Mahouts is an absolute must. Still being relatively slow, the Elephants can now close gaps between archers and defensive structures faster and thus last even longer in battle. Still, they will need support of either ranged units or Knights to counter Monks and Cavalry Archers.

Team bonuses Edit

  • A team containing Berbers: With Kasbah researched, researching Mahouts is 25% faster.

Trivia Edit

  • Mahouts is the cheapest of all Imperial Age unique technologies, costing a total of 600 resources.
  • The Mahouts effect is possibly a callback to the Persians' civilization bonus in Age of Empires, where elephant units move 20% faster (56% before the Definitive Edition).

History Edit

"Using elephants in battle was always a challenge because the animals have poor vision but keen smell, they are relatively slow, and don’t like being injured. The Persians developed special training for the beasts and their riders, called Mahouts, to improve their battle performance."
The Conquerors manual
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