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The Magyars are a Central European civilization introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. They focus on cavalry. They are primarily based on Medieval Hungarian people.

Historically, Magyar people once were known as nomadic people who excelled on the horseback. This is reflected by their cheaper Scout Cavalry and their unique cavalry unit, the Magyar Huszar. The Magyars were also skilled at using bows while riding which is reflected by their unique technology, Recurve Bow, which increases the range and attack of their Cavalry Archers.

Living as nomadic people was dangerous because when entering the new land, the migrating people had to prepare against any obstacles they may encounter, including wild animals. Thus, Magyar Villagers can kill aggressive wild animals in just one strike. Nomadic people often possess excellent skill at using bow and arrow, because they were necessary for hunting and self-defense which is why the Magyar team bonus increases the Line of Sight of all foot archers.

The Magyar cavalry often lent their military service to various rulers in Europe. This is reflected by their other unique technology, Mercenaries, which removes the gold cost from their unique unit. Finally, the Magyar cavalry's favored tactic was unleashing a volley of arrows before charging toward the enemy. To reflect their skillful ability at close combat, the Magyars receive free melee attack upgrades at the Blacksmith.

Overview Edit

The Magyars are a cavalry civilization. As such, they have outstanding mounted units at their disposal. They get the rare Paladin with all upgrades, the Hussar as well, and a Cavalry Archer that has no equal thanks to Recurve Bow. Their foot archers are also very good with their extra long Line of Sight. Their infantry struggles a bit without Plate Mail Armor and Squires. Same goes for their siege weapons which are average at best. Their navy is rather average, and the Monks are rather weak. The defensive structures are also rather lacking and so is their economy.

Characteristics Edit

Unique unit Edit

Magyar Huszar icon Magyar Huszar: Cheap cavalry with an attack bonus against siege weapons

Unique technologies Edit

Unique-tech Recurve Bow: Gives Cavalry Archers +1 attack and range.
CastleAgeUnique Mercenaries: Removes gold cost from Magyar Huszars.

Civilization bonuses Edit

Team bonus Edit

Foot archers have +2 Line of Sight.

Changelog Edit

The Forgotten Edit

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Initially can research Arrowslits. With patch 4.8, it was removed from the technology tree.

Rise of the Rajas Edit

  • With patch 5.5, Scout Cavalry are now 15% cheaper.
  • With patch 5.5, Recurve Bow now gives +1 attack and range to Cavalry Archers.
  • With patch 5.5, Forging, Iron Casting, and Blast Furnace no longer require a Blacksmith.
  • With patch 5.5, Siege Engineers was added to the technology tree.

In-game dialogue language Edit

In-game, Magyar units speak Hungarian.

  • Igen? - Yes?
  • Szolgálatára - At your service
  • Parancs? - Command?
  • Jó napot! - Good day/afternoon
  • Igenis - Yes, sir!
  • Megyek - I'm going
  • Értettem - Understood
  • Azonnal - At once
  • Javítok! - I'm repairing
  • Fát vágok! - I'm chopping trees
  • Vadászok! - I'm hunting
  • Halászok! - I'm fishing
  • Bányászok! - I'm mining
  • Gazdálkodok! - I'm farming
  • Gyűjtögetek! - I'm gathering
  • Építkezek! - I'm building
  • Parancs? - Command?
  • Igen? - Yes?
  • Szolgálatára. - At your service.
  • Rendben - Okay
  • Értettem - Understood
  • Igen, uram! - Yes, sir!
  • Támadás! - Attack!
  • Előre! - Forward!
  • Roham! - Charge!
  • Adjon Isten! - Greetings!
  • Szolgálatára - At your service
  • Igen? - Yes?
  • Parancs? - Command?
  • Azonnal - At once
  • Megyek - I'm going
  • Értettem - Understood
  • Igenis - Yes, sir!
  • Mit szeretnél? - What do you need?
  • Tessék? - What?
  • Hozzám szólsz? - Are you talking to me?
  • Mért zavarsz? - Why do you disturb me?
  • Lehet róla szó - We'll consider it
  • Ám legyen - So be it
  • Majd meglátjuk - We'll see
  • Megteszem, amit kérsz. - I'll do what you've asked.

AI player names Edit

When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Magyar AI characters:

  • Bajnok Bela: Also known as King Bela I or Bela the Champion. King of Hungary from 1060-1063.
  • Feher Andras: Known as Andrew I of Hungary or Andrew the White. King of Hungary from 1046-1060.
  • Istvan I: Known as King or Saint Stephen I, founder of the Hungarian Kingdom and the first King of Hungary. Patronized as saint in Hungary, reigned from 1001-1038.
  • Kalman I: Also known as King Coloman the Learned. Also nicknamed as the Book-Lover or the Bookish. Reigned from 1095-1116. He conquered Croatia and defeated its last king, Petar Svačić.
  • Karoly Robert: King Charles I, also known as Charles Robert or in Hungarian Karoly Robert. He was the first king from the Anjou dynasty. Reigned from 1308-1342.
  • Laszlo I: King Ladislaus I, also known as Saint Ladislaus or Saint Ladislas. The second son of King Bela I. Reigned from 1077-1095.
  • Matthias Corvinus: Matthias Corvinus, also called Matthias I, was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458 to 1490. After conducting several military campaigns, he was elected King of Bohemia in 1469 and adopted the title Duke of Austria in 1487.
  • Nagy Lajos: Also known as Louis I, or Louis the Great or Louis the Hungarian, was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and King of Poland from 1370.

Trivia Edit

  • Historically, the late medieval Magyar Black Army, organized by King Matthias Corvinus, did include gunpowder units namely arquebusiers who stabilized their guns with pavise shields. They also used heavier cannons.
  • The Magyars are the only civilization introduced in the HD expansions that has access to the Paladin.
  • During the development of The Conquerors, the Magyars (along with the Huns, Swiss, Habsburgs, and Slavs) had been considered to appear as the new civilization representing Eastern Europe. However, the Ensemble Studios team eventually picked the Huns because they were impressed by Attila the Hun's story and the medieval Magyars are less famous than the Huns.[1] Eventually, the Magyars made an appearance at the official titles after the Forgotten Empires team picked the Magyars as one of the new civilizations for their Forgotten Empires mod (which later became The Forgotten).

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Magyars New and Improved (Patch 5

Magyars New and Improved (Patch 5.5)

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