Civilization Tech tree Strategy

The Macedonians are primarily a Bronze Age and an Iron Age civilization. However, they perform best in the Bronze Age since more of their civilization bonuses can be implemented during this stage. The Macedonians are a good choice in Deathmatches since they have many technologies suited for combat and can train a variety of elite units in the Iron Age.


The Macedonians, like the Persians, lack several important economic upgrades found in the Market. This makes them a rather slow civilization in late game, meaning they'll be somewhat stagnant in games that are economic dependent. They do have the ability to build less expensive siege equipment, but they cannot upgrade their siege weaponry to more powerful forms during the Iron Age. They are stuck with Stone Throwers and Ballistae without Engineering, meaning their longest range is 10. This can make it very hard for them to deal with towers, while they also can't outrange most archers. They also lack Nobility and one of the missile range upgrades. However, their units have the ability to penetrate enemy lines easier than other civilizations since their +2 pierce armor for Centurions along with their Armored Elephants can make a very deadly combo when attacking defensive fortifications. If the computer controls this civilization in Iron Age with sufficient amount of surplus resources on land as in deathmatches, their entire army will consist of Centurions and Heavy Horse Archers.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Good choice on Deathmatches.
  • Excellent on large land maps.
  • Offensive capabilities increase once they reach the Iron Age.
  • Best if played from Bronze Age to Iron Age.
  • Can train a variety of elite units.


  • Not as good in random map.
  • Ineffective on water maps.
  • Have a slow economy.
  • Not a good choice in short, early games.
  • Temple not available, so healing and converting units is impossible.
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