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There is nothing impossible to him who will try
—Alexander the Great

Macedonians refers to the inhabitants of the kingdom of Macedonia, one of the playable civilizations introduced in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. They were a major power in ancient times, conquering Persia, Egypt, and western India under Alexander the Great. The in-game Macedonians represent the successor states of the Macedonian empire founded by Alexander's generals better known as the "Diadochi", such as the Antigonids, Epirus and the Seleucid empire. They are primarily an offensive civilization due to their variety of bonuses for elite units. Like the Persians, the Macedonians lack economic upgrades found in the Market and are slow in the beginning of the game, making them unreliable in games with low resources, although with a reduction in costs for siege units they can produce cheaper sieges.

A notable downside is their inability to construct Temples and train Priests, but that is made up for all their units being 4 times more resistant to conversion than those of other civilizations.

Under the rule of Alexander the Great, the Macedonians were able to made a relentless expansion to the east and conquer the first superpower ever seen in the world; the Achaemenid Empire. To reflect this, all of their units have high resistance against conversion and all melee units have increased Line of Sight. During and after the dissolution of the Macedonian Empire, Alexander's generals, known as "Diadochi", founded several states in the former territory of the empire, continued and improved the use and structure of the already powerful Phalanx, providing better equipment and armor. To reflect this, their Academy units have increased pierce armor. Finally, and unlike their Greek relatives, the Macedonians adopted Siege Weapons in greater scale, which is reflected with their cheaper Catapults.


Campaign appearances[]

The Third Macedonian War (Third Greek War before the Definitive Edition) scenario is played as the Macedonians.
The Macedonians appear exclusively as enemy AI players in:

The Rise of Rome[]

Imperium Romanum[]


The Rise of Rome[]

Definitive Edition[]

  • Siege Workshop units cost changed to -25%.
  • Wheel is available.
  • Catapult is available.
  • Academy units have +1 pierce armor in the Bronze Age and +2 pierce armor in the Iron Age.

AI Player Names[]

  • Pyrrhus (Πύρρος) - King of Epirus (306-302; 297-272 BC) and Macedon (288-285; 274-272 BC)
  • Agathocles (Ἀγαθοκλῆς) - Tyrant of Syracuse 317-289 BC and King of Sicily 304-289 BC
  • Timoleon (Τιμολέων) - Greek statesman and ruler of Syracuse, lived c. 411-337 BC
  • Hiero (ἱερόν) - Tyrant of Syracuse 478-467 BC (Hiero I); 270-215 BC (Hiero II)
  • Perseus (Περσεύς) - Mythological Greek Hero and founder of Mycenae; last king of Macedon 179-168 BC
  • Andriscus (Ἀνδρίσκος) - Last king of Macedon 149-148 BC (between Perseus and Andriscus was a period of Roman rule)
  • Antiochus (Ἀντίοχος) - Name of 13 kings of the Seleucid Empire, most notably Antiochus III the Great, Seleucid king 222-187 BC
  • Philopoemon (Φιλοποίμην) - Greek statesman and Achaean general (strategos), lived 253-183 BC
  • Hippocrates (Ἱπποκράτης) - Greek physisian and 'Father of Western Medicine', lived c. 460-370 BC


  • Although the Macedonians include many Greeks, they have the Roman architectural style instead of the Greek.
  • The Macedonian playstyle focuses around slow but heavily armored units with high resistance against conversion, which is comparable to the Teutons from Age of Empires II which play in a similar way.