Lure is a Greek god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Poseidon. Where cast, a stone engraved with a trident rune emerges from the earth. The stone attracts huntable and herdable animals in the local area. Once the number of animals attracted reached a total of 1,000 food, the lure crumbles away.

Strategy Edit

Lure is useful in the early game as it brings many animals of different types to one place. However, it should be used with care, as it may attract dangerous animals that attack and possibly kill Villagers. Also, as players can direct herdable animals to their town anyway, it is needless to use the Lure to attract herdables. Hence it is best to explore the local area to pick up any herdables before casting Lure, ensuring only huntable animals will be attracted.

The Lure should be placed near the player's Town Center or a Granary, to enable Villagers to gather the hunted food quickly. Some of the animals attracted may come from the enemy's side of the map, effectively denying them some food. Lure is less effective on island maps as it may attract animals that are located across the water (which they cannot cross).

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