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This article is about the scenario in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. For the Eygptian naval unit, see Lost Ship.

Lost Ships is the third scenario of Act II: China in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. The scenario starts off with the cinematic "Strange Shores" and centers around Captain Huang's ship sailing west from India into the New World. Since the Americas weren't discovered at the time, neither Lao Chen nor Huang know where they are headed to and question Admiral Jinhai's orders to sail west. The fleet soon finds itself braving a storm out in sea before eventually arriving to an unfamiliar land.

Compared to the previous two, the scenario isn't itself very difficult but very time consuming due to limited resources to start out with. The map will once again feature new terrain, similar to that from the map Bayou.



  • Find and secure your beached Treasure Ships (2500 XP)
  • At least one Treasure Ship must survive
  • Destroy the native village (15000 XP)


Players start out in the northern edge of the map with an extremely limited supply of 2 Villagers, Captain Huang, Lao Chen, 4 Chu Ko Nu and 4 Qiang Pikemen provided from the fleet. The Treasure Ship will be beached nearby and will provide a constant supply of resources. There will be three sites where the player will have to rescue the other beached Treasure Ships, with one of them being very close by to the west. The player can then start to head west to attack the first guarded Treasure Ship, a small band of Jaguar Prowl Knights and Eagle Runner Knights will ship out of the site and will attack the player. The player should use Lao Chen's and Huang's special abilities to defeat them. While the player is in this stage, they will receive a shipment and should spend it on troops of military benefit.

Once the band of first natives are killed, the Player can now attack and destroy the War Hut guarding the site, the starting troops the player was provided will not be enough and they will need the Old Han army from the War Academy provided to complete the task. Once the War Hut is razed, the player can move their troops to the Signal Fire. Once they reach the Signal Fire, the player will have rescued the first Treasure Ship and will be rewarded with 2 Villagers, 3 Chu Ko Nu, and 2 Qiang Pikemen. As soon as they are rescued, another small band of Native warriors will flood in and at this point the player will be able to take them out with relative ease due to their new reinforcements.

Note:  While the player is venturing south, they should not attack the the treasure with the Medicine Man guarded by 5 Cougars as the Natives troops are awaiting ambush in the area, attacking the treasure and this will result in an unnecessary loss of troops

Now the player can head down further South of the map to rescue the next Treasure Ship. However, this site will be more heavily guarded by the hostile Natives. As the player brings their troops to the next ship, they will be attacked from both sides by a small band of Jaguar Prowl Knights and Eagle Runner Knights and will slay a couple of the player's troops. Once they are defeated however, the player will approach the Signal Fire where they receive an additional reinforcements of 3 Flamethrowers and 3 Changdao Swordsmen; with an additional Villager also provided. The Flamethrowers should be well protected once received as they will be immediately attacked by a large number of enemy Eagle Runner Knights and Jaguars.

Now the player can rescue the Medicine Man from the treasure guarded by Cougars and stop shortly to add reinforcements if shipments are available. If shipments are not available or spent on economic benefit, then the player can train Banner Armies from the War Academy to prepare their troops for further Native attacks further South. The player can then proceed to move their troops into a thin passage in the west leading further south. While heading down the passage, there will be enemy Eagle Runner Knights atop cliffs attacking the player and giving them an advantage from the player's Cavalry and melee units and most infantry.

While this is happening, the player should start to produce another army from the War Academy, as the enemy will attack the Treasure Ship in the North, the player will be able to defeat them. Simultaneously while the player defeats the enemy in North, The player can move their main army further south down the passage where they will confront another army of hostile Natives, they will also receive reinforcements of Keshiks, Iron Flails, and Hand Mortars to fight the natives.

At this point the player can use the Hand Mortars to shell the remaining enemy War Huts around the area, the remaining War Huts inside the inner passage will be very easy to manage and destroy at this point. They will reach the last Treasure Ship at the end of the cliff passage and will defeat the Natives guarding the site. They will receive a Covered Wagon and 2 Villagers once defeating the Natives in the site.

At this point the player is very close to completing the scenario, their last objective is to destroy the Native village in the Southeastern corner of the map.