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This article is about the opponent in Age of Empires II. For the campaign scenario in Age of Empires II, see The Lombard League.

The Lombard League plotting

The Lombard League is a mighty alliance of wealthy cities of Northern Italy. This alliance is represented frequently in Age of Empires II.


The real Lombard League was formed between cities in Northern Italy in 1176, predominantly to act as a counter force to try to prevent the spreading of the Holy Roman Empire.

Age of Empires II[]

Two scenarios revolve around the cities of the Lombard League in the Barbarossa campaign. Genoa appears in The Lion and the Demon scenario in the Saladin campaign, which was already part of the League during the Third Crusade. Although the Lombard League had not yet been formed during the time of Attila the Hun, some cities of the future Lombard League appear in the last scenario of that campaign.

The Lombard League originated from Italy. However, since the Italians were not introduced until The Forgotten, they are represented by various civilizations in The Age of Kings.

In the Definitive Edition, some cities are now represented by the Italians, for a more accurate historical plot.

History of member cities[]


Main article: Milan

Milan was the leading city of the Lombard League. The city is featured in the Barbarossa campaign and Attila the Hun campaign.


Padua claims to be the oldest city in Italy, founded by the Trojans as early as 1180BC. The city suffered repeated attacks from various civilizations, and changed possession numerous times.

The city is first featured in the The Lombard League scenario of the Barbarossa campaign. It is represented by the Teutons, with green as the color. It is a large city in the northern corner of the map, and is allied to Verona and Venice. Padua has the largest land army on the map, and attacks Barbarossa's camp at the beginning of the level. The city is protected by Castles and towers from within, and fields an army which consists of Trebuchets, Onagers, Teutonic Knights, and Cavaliers (later Paladins).

Padua also makes an appearance in the Fall of Rome scenario of the Attila the Hun campaign. This time they are represented by the Britons, with purple as the color. It is the closest team to Attila at the start, and the first team to start building a Wonder. The city is located in the northwest center of the map, and is perhaps the most vulnerable team on the map, and (usually) the first to be defeated. Like its previous counterpart, the city has few towers and Castles protecting the city. They control a large army of Longbowmen, Crossbowmen, Long Swordsmen, and a few Mangonels.


Venice is featured in the The Lombard League scenario of the Barbarossa campaign. They are represented by the Byzantines, with the color purple. They possess a significant navy, and are spread across two landmasses; the first being a peninsular in the center of the map, and the second being a large island just a bit offshore. Venice has two Castles and some Bombard Towers and trains Cannon Galleons (later Elite Cannon Galleons) and Galleons. They also build Bombard Cannons, which they use to attack the player by land.


Verona is one of the oldest cities in Italy, and has been in countless wars and battles.

The city is encountered by the player in the The Lombard League scenario of the Barbarossa campaign. It is perhaps the weakest of the three walled cities, but are very protected by the nearby cities of Padua and Venice. The city does not have a Castle. It is represented by the Franks, and the color is yellow. In this scenario, this player produces Knights and Hand Cannoneers.

It also appears in The Fall of Rome in the Attila the Hun campaign. This faction is again represented by the Franks, this time with orange as the color. It is one of the last cities encountered in the scenario. Compared to its previous counterpart, this version is significantly more powerful, as it has Castles defending the city and trains a more varied army, which include Throwing Axemen, Crossbowmen, Knights, Trebuchets, and a few Monks. Verona may also attempt to build a Wonder later in the game.


Although the city itself is not featured, Genoa was part of the invading forces of the Third Crusade during the last scenario of the Saladin campaign. This player trains a small force of Light Cavalry, which it will only use for exploring the land and defend the area near their camp. However, this player fields a decent number of War Galleys to attack the player from the sea.