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This article is about the god in Age of Mythology. For the god in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Loki (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
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Loki is an Archaic Age major god of the Norse in Age of Mythology who focuses on Hersirs and myth units.


God power[]



  • Hersirs move 10% faster.
  • Hersirs summon myth units after fighting for long enough.
  • Myth units cost -10% favor.
  • Longhouse units train 10% faster.
  • Ox Carts move 50% faster and cost half as much, but have 45% less hit points.

Minor gods[]

Classical Age
Heroic Age
Mythic Age
  • HelIcon Hel - Myth units
  • TyrIcon Tyr - Infantry


AoM The Titans icon The Titans[]

  • Ox Cart bonus of 45% more hit points is changed to 45% less hit points.

Myth unit summoning[]

Loki's Hersirs can spawn myth units as they fight. The spawned myth unit is randomly chosen from among all Norse myth units which are trainable in the Temple and available until and including the current age of the player. This includes myth units of other minor gods than the one chosen by the player, including those minor gods not available to Loki.

The mechanism is such that Loki's Hersirs gather a hidden resource as they fight, which is pooled into a separate counter, hereinafter referred to as "spawn pool". Since the Classical Age, when Hersirs fight, they add to the spawn pool as long as population space for new spawns is available. A myth unit is randomly chosen by the game and kept in standby. When the meter in the spawn pool reaches 90% of the normal favor cost of the chosen myth unit, and the player has spare population space, the amount is deducted from the spawn pool and the myth unit is spawned near the Hersir which last added to the spawn pool.


Spawn pool collection amount
Damage dealt to target in % of its total hit points
Target's favor bounty
The attacker's favor bounty multiplier, which is 2 for Hersirs

The 1.2 is the unitBonusBountyModifier value assigned in the game config (.cfg) file.

For example, a generic Villager has a favor bounty of 1.08. A Hersir has a favor bounty multiplier of 2×, so upon a Hersir killing a Villager, the player would have gained 2.16 favor (displaying rounded value). The spawn pool meter would thus increase by points.

As only myth units actively trainable at the Temple can be spawned this way, it does not spawn Ravens (which are spawned by Odin's Temples automatically) or aquatic myth units (which are trained at the Dock).


The son of giants, Loki was the fire god, but also a mischievous trickster and shape-changer who grew bored with the repetitive life of the gods. Many of his exploits caused great damage or hurt, but he was usually quick enough to restore order and prevent complete disaster. In one case, he caused the gods to temporarily lose the source of their immortality. In another situation, he tricked Thor into a threatening situation for his own gain, but later devised the clever plan to recover Thor's stolen hammer.

His tricks became increasingly nasty and evil, peaking when he caused the death of Odin's son Baldr. When he tormented and insulted the gods at a great banquet, the gods turned on him and he escaped temporarily by changing into a salmon. He could not escape Odin's all-seeing vision, however, and Loki was bound up in a dark cave. Loki's first marriage to a giant produced three fearsome and evil creatures: Fenrir the wolf, the great serpent Jormungand, and Hel, the partially decomposed goddess of the underworld. He had two sons, Vali and Narvi, by a second marriage. At the time of Loki's imprisonment, Vali was changed into a wolf that killed Narvi. The dead man's intestines were used to bind Loki in the cave beneath the mouth of a giant snake, dripping venom, where he waited for Ragnarok. Loki was destined to lead the army of evil at that final battle with the gods, where he would be killed by Heimdall.
—In-game section

Technology tree[]

God power
Town Center
Eyes in the Forest



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