Lizzie's Flagship, Paris Burning, is a warship in Age of Empires III. It appears as a free custom unit available to the Knights of St. John during the Spanish Treasure Fleet and The Fountain of Youth. It replaces Morgan's Flagship following the events of A Pirate's Help. While it possesses fewer hit points than St. Elmo, it can train unique Buccaneers similar to a Spanish Galleon.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The flagship does not benefit from the Dock upgrades like the other ships available to the Knights. However, it is easily capable of destroying Spanish and Circle of Ossus ships it goes up against. If properly repaired and utilized, it will be the only warship that is required during Spanish Treasure Fleet (easy and normal difficulty without The Asian Dynasties), but even so, the player starts with two Privateers as well as Paris Burning when the battle begins. During The Fountain of Youth, it is best used to protect the Fixed Gun on all levels of difficulty.

History[edit | edit source]

Lizzie took her ship from a small convoy carrying soldiers to a French colony in the Lesser Antilles. She surprised the ships as they lay at anchor, sheltering from a storm. Sights set on the sleek flagship, Elizabet sent one volley at the helpless ships, missing purposefully. She allowed the soldiers to board the lesser ship of the fleet and made off with her new prize, which she christened Paris Burning.

Pirates typically obtained their ships through less than legal means. Once acquired, a ship would be customized to make it faster, more powerful in battle, more nimble, and more efficient in its usage of space. Adequate space was important on a pirate ship, as it was often necessary to carry a large crew to help with fighting or to pilot any additional ships acquired in the course of the pirate's adventuring.

Pirates didn't usually have the benefit of servicing their ships in drydock. Instead, they would beach their ship and careen it on its side to service the hull.

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