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This article is about the huntable in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. For the related dangerous animal in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, see Komodo Dragon.


The Lizard is a huntable animal in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, but also a dangerous predator that will attack any nearby villagers. It is similar to the Crocodile found on Egyptian maps.


Scientific name -- Lacertilia
Size -- Up to 365 lbs.
Diet -- Predominantly insects, occasionally fruit and vegetables.

Lizards are reptiles of differing types and sizes that can be mostly found in warmer climates. Their strengths lie in their acute sight, agility, and the ability to climb and hold on to a variety of surfaces.

Their prey most commonly ends up being insects, or in case of larger lizards, small rodents and birds.
—In-game help section


  • The Lizard appears to be based on a monitor lizard (Varanidae), most likely the Asian water monitor whose range extends to Southern China.
    • Because of this, Lizards can be used in maps set in China, Southeast Asia and even Egypt, all having the presence of Monitors.
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