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Combines Market and Livestock Pen. Can fatten and sell livestock for wood or gold.
—In-game description.

The Livestock Market is an economic building introduced in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals that is unique to the African civilizations (Ethiopians and Hausa). It combines the functions of a Market and a Livestock Pen with some additional features explained below.


As previously mentioned, the Livestock Market combines the functions of both a Market and Livestock Pen, allowing the player to trade coin for food or wood, or vice-versa. It also trains livestock (Zebu Cattle for the Ethiopians, Sanga Cattle for the Hausa), which can be tasked to the Livestock Market to make them fatten at a faster rate. Also, it provides early economic technologies.

Unique to the Livestock Market, livestock that are being tasked to it can be sold for wood or coin; only livestock that are tasked to the Market (and only the Market) which does the transaction that can be sold. Selecting the building shows the selling value of livestock, which starts at roughly 56% and slowly increases to 100%; the value increases by 0.2 every second.

Whenever livestock is sold, the value decreases by 20% for whichever resource was just gained. This offers game balance, so as players cannot train new animals, then immediately sell them for a constant large resource gain.


Unit Cost Init. food Max. food Limit Civ.
Aoe3de zebu.png Zebu Cattle 100 coin 100 500 20
Sanga aoe3de.png Sanga Cattle
Aoe3 hausa flag.png


Age Technology Cost Effect
Age I tech tree aoe3.png
Hardened Iron Axes.png Hardened Iron Axes 50 food Villagers gather from trees and Mango Groves 10% faster
Placer Mines.png Placer Mines 75 food,
75 wood
Villagers gather from mines 10% faster
Tribal Societies.png Tribal Societies 75 food Villagers get +20% hit points and +10% speed
Royal Hunters.png Royal Hunters Villagers get +4 range and +8 LOS; Requires Tribal Societies
Selective Breeding.png Selective Breeding 150 wood,
150 coin
Livestock fattens 25% faster
Royal Banquet.png Royal Banquet 250 coin Sells all livestock for influence equal to 50% of their food
Age II tech tree aoe3.png
Selective Logging.png Selective Logging 125 food,
125 coin
Villagers gather from trees and Mango Groves 15% faster; Requires Hardened Iron Axes
Amalgamation.png Amalgamation 200 food,
200 wood
Villagers gather from mines 20% faster; Requires Placer Mines
Age III tech tree aoe3.png
Blackwood Trade.png Blackwood Trade 125 food,
125 coin
Villagers gather from trees and Mango Groves 20% faster; requrires Selective Logging
Transhumance.png Transhumance 350 wood,
350 coin
Livestock influence generation rate +0.15
Cow Loans.png Cow Loans 300 wood,
300 coin
Spawns an unfattened clone of a fully fattened livestock when they are sold
Age IV tech tree aoe 3.png
Gold Purification.png Gold Purification 300 food,
300 wood
Villagers gather from mines 30% faster; Requires Amalgamation
Imperial Age
Ebony Exports.png Ebony Exports 1,000 food,
1,000 coin
Villagers gather from trees and Mango Groves 30% faster; Requires Blackwood Trade

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Like for several other world societies, livestock played a crucial role among several African people-groups – sedentary and pastoral-nomadic – both as a source of food and as a symbol of wealth. As such, livestock markets were prime loci of economic commercial transactions, whether they were within a society, with foreign merchants, or as a bridge between sedentary and pastoral-nomadic groups.