Lion of Africa is the second scenario of the Francisco de Almeida campaign in African Kingdoms. Thirteen years after the Battle of Toro, Portugal's control on northern Africa was beginning to be disrupted by local pirates and Berber tribesmen. To re-establish Portugal's hold on the region, Afonso de Albuquerque has been sent to lead a small garrison from an island located on the Loukkos River.

Players Edit

Ally → Enemy Edit

  • Emir (Saracens): The Emir has a well fortified city with two layers of walls, many Guard Towers and a Castle along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. When the player tries to seek his assistance to fight the Barbary Pirates, he will ask the player to bring an Organ Gun to his Castle so that his engineers can study the Portuguese cannon technology. If the player does this, all of the Emir's Guard Towers will be replaced by Bombard Towers and he will start attacking the ships of Barbary Pirates. However, after the Barbary Pirates have been defeated, he will turn his stance towards the player to enemy.

Enemies Edit

  • Barbary Pirates (Berbers): They have their base to the north along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. They have three Docks with which they will be making War Galleys and Fast Fire Ships. They also have a Castle near the coast along with a few Watch Towers and will mainly train Scout Cavalry and Crossbowmen.
  • Banu Arous (Berbers): They are an ancient people living in the Saharan Deserts to the east and south of the map. They will train Light Cavalry, Genitours, Camel Archers and Heavy Camel Riders. They will keep spawning units until their camps in the desert have been destroyed.
  • Banu Arous (Berbers): Another faction of Banu Arous (a different player), which mainly occupies the southern part of the map. They will train the same type of units as the other Banu Arous and will keep spawning units until their camps in the desert have been destroyed.
  • Kemal Reis (Turks): He is an Ottoman Pirate whose fleet have caused trouble to the Portuguese near the Tangier coast. He only has a special Fast Fire Ship named 'Kemal Reis' Flagship' with a lot of hit points and high pierce armor. Once the player sinks this ship, Kemal Reis will surrender and the player will get three Caravels as reinforcement from Portugal.
  • Guanches (Malians): They occupy the two islands near the western edge of the map. These islands have a lot of gold and stone mines along with fruit bushes but to get these resources, the player will have to first defeat Guanches' soldiers. Their army consists of unupgraded Gbetos, Skirmishers and a few Canoes.

Strategy Edit

The scenario starts with some War Galleys and Fire Ships of Barbary Pirates attacking the player's base. Use the ships near the player's docks to lure them closer to Fort Graciosa (Castle) to help sink the ships faster. One of the player's initial objectives is to defend Fort Graciosa but even if it is destroyed, the player will not lose and the objective will just be crossed out. (Note: In the Definitive Edition, the player will lose if it is destroyed.) However, Fort Graciosa is important to defend the player's base from initial naval attacks so it is advised to protect the Castle and repair it if damaged. The other main objective is to destroy the Castle of Barbary Pirates as well as their three Docks.

After defeating the initial wave, Francisco advises the player to bring five soldiers to the city of the Emir to ask for his help defending the base from pirate attacks. His outer Gate is locked, for some reason so the only way to enter the city is by Transport Ships. At this point, it is advised that the player delete their Sea Walls near the base, as it serves no real protection and only blocks the ships further down from going up. After destroying the walls, put any five soldiers in a Transport Ship and drop them inside the Emir's city.

Once this is done, the Emir will ask the player to bring an Organ Gun to his Castle. Now the player has to make a decision as to whether they will side with the Emir or not. Giving him the Organ Gun will turn all his Guard Towers to Bombard Towers and he will use his ships to attack Barbary Pirates' ships. But after he becomes an enemy, the Bombard Towers will make his city harder to raid. Alternatively, the player can decide not to give him an Organ Gun so he does not get Bombard Towers, but then the player will have to face the Barbary Pirate's ships on their own.

In the end, it will be better to give the Emir an Organ Gun, since he will take care of a very immediate problem of enemy ships while the player's early base is still vulnerable. Also by the time the player has to attack the Emir, the player will have a much stronger economy so they can produce more troops to counter the Bombard Towers. But while transporting the Organ Gun, be careful of enemy ships since they will be prowling the waters near the Emir's city.

After the Emir gets the Organ Gun, he will start attacking the warships of Barbary Pirates, taking a big burden off of the player's shoulders. Now the main problems facing the player will be the frequent attacks by both Banu Arous players (yellow) on the buildings which are on the mainland.

While both the Banu Arous are busy attacking the buildings to the south, the player should use the two Villagers cutting wood to the north of the base to make a Town Center nearby. The player should also make Villagers at the initial base to use the resources available there. An immediate problem will be the lack of gold so it is advisable to build a Market to sell off surplus resources. Once enough gold has gathered, the player can make Trade Cogs to trade with the Emir which will provide a slow but steady flow of gold. The player can also send a Light Cavalry near the southern edge of the map, where a lost expedition of Duarte Pacheco Pereira can be found. Returning the Relic Cart to Fort Graciosa will give the player 500 gold.

After the Town Center is built, the soldiers of both the Banu Arous as well as Barbary Pirates may attack the Villagers so the player should bring their remaining navy near the area to guard them and start making more ships. It is also a good idea to wall off the shallow connecting the two landmasses, after which the player only needs to defend Villagers from Barbary Pirates.

Now the player should focus on making an army to destroy the Barbary Pirates' Castle. They do not have a very strong army and mainly train Crossbowmen so the player should make only Knights, along with Battering Rams. The player should consider leaving the pirate alone for now, because a Castle or a few towers completely stop them and the player can try to take back the land of the Banu Arous (yellow). In that land, there are two gold mines; one just to the right of the two original stone miners, and one in the southeast of the map .If the player wants to attack the pirates, then they should also make a large navy before launching an attack on the Barbary Pirates, since soon after defeating them, the Emir will become an enemy. After making a hole in the wall, bring the army inside and aim for the Watch Towers and military buildings till the army reaches the Castle walls. Break open the walls with the Rams and then destroy the Castle with them. By this time, if the Emir has not destroyed their Docks, the player can destroy them from land. After this is done, Barbary Pirates will surrender and the Emir will change his stance towards the player to enemy. Now the player's objective is to destroy the Emir's Castle.

If the player does not want to storm the Castle with rams, then there are two islands belonging to the Malian (purple) with gold on them. They have an army of Skirmishers, Gbeto and a small navy, but no Dock or Villagers. However, there is a hero Fast Fire Ship near the first island that should be kited to the castle (the Emir will not attack it). With the gold, the player can go to the Imperial Age and use Cannon Galleons to bombard the pirate Castle (if the player has not destroyed it already), then destroy the Emir Castle with no retaliation.

The Emir will start using his ships to attack the player so the player should use their navy to counter them. The player should now make an army to attack the two Banu Arous' camps in the desert. They will train only cavalry units so bringing some Pikemen is a good idea. After all of their camps have been found and destroyed, they will stop attacking the player and the only main enemy left will be the Emir.

Since the Bombard Towers of the Emir cause pierce damage, the only way to bring them down are Rams who are immune to their high attack. However, once the Gate has been destroyed, head straight for the Castle instead of wasting time attacking every Tower (try to kill the Elite Mameluke near the Castle before the ram gets in). Make sure that the Rams are taking all the damage from the Bombard Towers and use Knights to protect them from enemy units. Once the Rams reach the Castle, they will eventually bring it down and the player will be victorious.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the level designer Filthydelphia, this map was originally intended to be the first scenario of the later discarded Afonso de Albuquerque campaign.
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