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The Lion is a huntable animal in Age of Empires and Age of Mythology, and a wild animal in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. Lions are also Treasure Guardians in Age of Empires III.

All Lions in the Age of Empires series have manes and are, as a result, male.

Age of Empires[]

Lions are a very dangerous food source in Age of Empires and are the most dangerous natural unit in the game. Their fast speed and high attack rate makes them too dangerous for a single Villager to gather from. Between two and four Villagers are recommended, although the less are used the more damage one of them will take (with the possibility of one dying).

Lions also appear as tame and controllable, they're also befriended to the players (if you choose the color of your team), although they only appear in the Scenario Editor. Both the game image and the icon are identical to that of the Wild Lions.

AI Lions are quite aggressive. They will often attack Gazelles on their own, and attack units wandering too close to them. A single Villager will kill it, although they sometimes spawn in pairs, often killing the unwary Villager.


  • In Neolithic and Ancient times, lions lived in most of Africa and also from the Balkans to India. They were absent from East Asia, however.


Age of Empires II[]

The Lion returns in the The African Kingdoms expansion pack. Like other wild animals, it appears in several areas around the map and is of hostile nature. It holds no food and attacks Villagers and even some military units on sight. Even though, it will die to anything with the lone exception of a Villager without the Loom upgrade. Lions mostly appear on African maps.


  • By the Middle Ages, lions had disappeared from Europe but survived in most of their primitive range. They acquired popularity and cultural significance independently in Europe and eastern Asia, and were often depicted in art and imported as captive animals.


Age of Mythology[]

The Lion is a huntable animal, but it will also attack any Villager that wanders too close, and doesn't provide much food compared to the cost of taking it down.

"A Pair of Golden Lions" is a Relic that will provide the player with two Golden Lions that will be under the control of the player, and respawn after being killed.


Age of Empires III[]

The Lion is a powerful Treasure Guardian found in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties on Asian maps. It is a much more powerful version of the Tiger and is dangerous to defeat with Explorers.

Lions are found in maps such as Mongolia, Deccan, Yellow River, and Silk Road. A pet version of the Lion named Lhota the Pet Lion is available to the Indians from a Home City Card sending two Lions.


Scientific Name: Panthera leo
Approx. Size: 9 ft. long, 3 ft. to shoulder, 400 lb.
Diet: Antelope, zebra, wildebeest, other large herbivores, domestic livestock, carrion

Few creatures are as unmistakable as the lion, a legend of the natural world since ancient times, and one of few animals worthy of the title “king of the beasts.” With its impressive mane and imposing size, the lion has long been glorified as the epitome of the big cat, even though it shares most physical characteristics with its cousin, the tiger, which is actually a larger animal. The lion has a powerful compact body, with strong forelegs and jaws used specifically for seizing an escaping animal and killing it. Adult lions have the notable golden coat of hair, which is a sign of its maturity, since cubs have light spots that fade and vanish over time. The pronounced mane is only present in males, and even then it usually grows only on lions in cooler climates.

The lion is the most social of the big cats, living in groups called prides that are comprised of up to forty individuals. The females do most of the hunting while the males defend the community. At an early age, a male lion is driven from the pride and eventually joins together with brothers or cousins in small coalitions to search for a new group. Once he enters a new pride, a male lion will go about systematically killing any cub that cannot outrun him.

In the past, lions lived and hunted in many diverse geographic regions, from the vast corridor linking Europe and India, known as Eurasia, to across the breadth of Africa. However, by the second century, populations in the Middle East and Europe had been hunted to extinction. Today, lions now live only in Africa, with the exception of a small population clinging to life in the Gir Forest of northwestern India.


Lhota the Pet Lion[]

Lhota the Pet Lion is a pet Lion in Age of Empires III. He is very effective against Treasure Guardians.

Two Lhotas can be shipped from the Indian Home City in the Exploration Age to provide valuable support to the Brahmins, taking down most Treasure Guardians with only a few hits.

Home City shipments[]