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This article is about the god power in the handheld video game. For the god power in the PC game, see Lightning Storm.
My husband's wrath is weak before Mine! Cower Mortals, for Hera's Lightning Storm is upon you.
—Hera upon casting Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm is a Greek god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Hera. It is similar to Zeus' Bolt god power but it strikes every enemy unit and building on the map.


Like its Age of Mythology counterpart, Lightning Storm strikes enemy units with several bolts of lightning, dealing enormous damage to enemy units. Rather than being restricted to a selected area of the map however, every single enemy unit and building across the map without exception is affected, so it can be cast anywhere. Each lightning strike deals slightly less damage than the single strike of Bolt, but deals more damage overall because of the sheer potential number of targets that can exist on the map. When under pressure, players may simply use this god power to better fend off an early attack. If saved for later however, Lightning Storm can weaken the enemy enough for their army to plow through enemy units and reach the enemy base. Also, because Lightning Storm is strong enough to kill any unit being trained at a building, players can start destroying enemy weakened buildings without losing an attack move to kill units sharing their tile.