Template:Infobox Unit The Light Cannon is an artillery unit in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs that is unique to the Iroquois and fulfills the roles of falconet and culverin of the European civilizations. It can be obtained either from the Siege Workshop or through the Tribal Council (the Iroquois equivalent of the Home City).


The most notable trait and largest disadvantage of this unit is that it is only available in the Industrial Age, unlike European artillery. This can be quite a restriction in a fast paced battle.

It does excellent damage against artillery and buildings and is also good against ships. It can also do peripheral damage to nearby targets. The light cannon is strong against ships, infantry, and other artillery. Due to their effectiveness against a wide array of units complimented with a powerful range (most standard artillery have only 28), they are devastating against enemy armies if left unchecked. If the Siege Discipline card is sent, the Iroquois can easily mass a large number of these without a major penalty to the population space.

The Light Cannon is a mixture of Falconet and Culverin. It nearly has the range and damage of the culverin, which makes it effective against other artillery units, and part of the power of the Falconet, which makes it effective against infantry and buildings.

Another advantage is that, unlike European artillery, they spend no time switching between Bombard and Limber mode. Both of the modes have equal speed, and if for any cause they have changed mode, they can change them instantly, allowing them to always remain both mobile and ready for combat.

The main disadvantages of the Light Cannon are its slower rate of fire, less damage, and smaller damage area than a Falconet (making it for example only 31% as effective against infantry as a Falconet, not factoring in the reduced damage area), as well as its fewer hitpoints than either a Culverin or a Falconet, while costing almost the same amount of resources to train.


Other upgrades can be done from shipments.

Field Cannon

Field Cannon is the first upgrade for the Light Cannon. It is available for 250 food and 250 wood once Industrial Age is reached.

Hit Points: +25% (187)
Bombard Attack: +25% (87)

Imperial Cannon

Imperial Cannon is the second upgrade for the Light Cannon. It is available for 1500 wood and 1500 coin once Imperial Age is reached.

Hit Points: +50% (262)
Bombard Attack: +50% (122)


"Most Iroquois campaigns ended up with siege warfare. This fact, combined with the Iroquois predilection for modern weapons (trade steel and gunpowder), meant that they learned to deal with military technology early in their history. The cannon was a natural step in this development. The Light Cannon represents an artillery piece, bought or stolen from European allies, but crewed by Iroquois warriors."


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