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This article is about the technology. For the Revolution unit, see Colonial Militia.

Call a handful of Minutemen to defend this colony!
—In-game description

Levy is a technology in Age of Empires III that can be researched at the Town Center by European civilizations and United States. Once researched, six Militiamen (Minuteman for the United States) spawn at the Town Center. Unlike other technologies, Levy is available at every Town Centers the player has, but can only be researched once as with other technologies (except for the United States, which can research repeatedly but with a global cooldown of 160 seconds).

With the "Town Militia" ("Colonial Militia" before the Definitive Edition) Home City Card, Conscription (Colonial Militia before the Definitive Edition) will be available at Town Centers, which is identical to Levy but spawns fifteen Militiamen, effectively allowing a Town Center to muster two groups of Militiamen at once or mustering a second group of Militiamen.

Civilization differences[]

  • The Indians can research Levy by allying with the Ottomans at the Consulate (requires a level 40 Home City), which costs 200 export but the Militiamen spawned by the Consulate version will appear on the Home City shipment point.
  • The United States has a unique variation of Levy; the player can research the Levy technology an unlimited number of times (so long as the cost can be afforded and with a global cooldown of 160 seconds) at the Town Center, Outpost and Fort, Minutemen will appear instead of the Militiamen and will also lose hit points over time. Once the Commerce Age is reached, they only lose up to half of their hit points.
    • With the United States Marines Home City Card, the Minutemen are upgraded to United States Marines and the Levy technology spawns out United States Marines instead, which do not lose hit points over time and have greatly-improved combat capabilities. The United States can use the "Minutemen Companies" card that upgrades Levy to Conscription, that spawns sixteen Minutemen but increases their resource cost to 400 food, 400 coin.


  • Levy can be used to assist in gathering Treasure, hunting the enemy heroes and scouts, or to harass the enemy with hit and run on their gatherers, who will perish in a single barrage by all six units (with the exception of Coureur des Bois and Settler Wagons).

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