Legionaries on the Horizon! is the second scenario of the Alaric campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.

Players[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Athaulf's Forces (Goths) are camped in the east. As the player is given the task to destroy the Roman Fortress in the north, the player may bring Athaulf to meet his soldiers here and all of them would be given to the player.
  • Civilians (Italians) are not involved in the conflict, possessing three villages - one in the north, just south of the Roman base; another in the northwest beside the river; one more in the west, just north of General Mageius' camp. In the beginning, the player is to send the scout to investigate the northwestern and western villages.
  • Goths (Goths) have a village in the middle of the map, which will be given to the player after the scout has done his investigations and report to Alaric.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • General Mageius' Camp (Italians) is in the southwest, where the player is to destroy their main tent (a pavilion).
  • Legionaries (Italians) has a fort in the north, where the player must destroy the fortress to win the game. They also have a small military base in the northeast. After General Mageius' camp is destroyed, there would be a band of Legionary troops invading from the northwest, across the river.
  • Yakub (Persians) and Belisarius (Byzantines) are two players that each begin with a Dark Age Town Center, 3 Villagers, and a Scout Cavalry at a random location on the map. They are enemies to everyone and will usually be quickly defeated. This is likely a bug, and only appears in more recent versions of the game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player would first witness the Gothic troops being defeated by the much more powerful Roman Legionaries, and at the Gothic village Alaric would send a Scout Cavalry to investigate the matter at two Civilian villages. The scout must be kept alive until he has visited both villages and report back to Alaric. As he has a low hitpoint, he should try to avoid from combats, while there are three Legionary Archers ambushing along the way.

The scout must first investigate on the northwestern village, where there is a bridge guarded by a Spearman. The guard will stop the scout and inform that there is an army behind. Then the scout must visit the western village, just south of the first village. The informant (a spearman) at the Market will inform that he saw Roman troops at a camp (General Mageuis' Camp) in the south of his village. Then the player must bring the scout back to Alaric.

Alaric is angry to learn that the Roman Emperor Honorius has stabbed on his back and send reinforcements behind him, therefore decided to fight the Romans to teach Honorius a lesson. The player should start preparing troops to destroy the main tent (a big Pavilion) of General Mageius' Camp. The player does not need to kill the soldiers at the camp.

After the raid at General Mageius' Camp, the player must prepare to face a large troops of Legionaries which will arrive in 10 minutes time. The enemy troops are behind the northwestern bridge. Once they crossed the bridge, the player is asked to kill the general Belisarius, a Cataphract hero.

After this, the player is given the task to destroy the Legionaries' fortress in the north, in order to win the scenario. At the same time, the player is given the optional task to send Athaulf to meet his troops in the east, and the player will take over all of them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Northwestern bridge in Forgotten Empires (original unofficial mod)

    Northwestern bridge in The Forgotten (official HD edition expansion)

    The "Goths" has a horse as a placeholder unit in the east behind the forest in the HD edition, while not in the original mod. Therefore, in the original game, this player is 'defeated' at the moment they handed the entire village to the player.
  • The northwestern bridge in different in the original mod and the later HD edition.
  • In the game, the player is asked to kill the general Belisarius, a Cataphract hero. This is not happened in history since Alaric and Belisarius did not meet each other. Alaric died in 410 but Belisarius was born in around 505.
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