Last Stand of the Boneguard is the eighth and final scenario of the Act III: Steel campaign in Age of Empires III.

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Acting on information from Kanyenke, Amelia Black lands near the Ossuary, the Boneguard's main stronghold, and ends up overrunning the Ossuary and killing Beaumont. At first, you start at the bottom of the map with 3 boats. Don't try to sail around the Ossuary; they have at least two Fixed Guns. Instead, land at the bottom of the map, in the sandy gap between two plateaus. There, you should construct a Town Center. Then, you need to take Amelia to Havana's Town Center. Havana is the yellow ally to the north. If you don't mind losing a few soldiers, then send your troops (with Amelia) straight to Havana, and fight the ambush you encounter. A more peaceful way to the Town Center is to select Amelia, then send her to the other side of the plateau to the left. She will automatically find a path across it (she sort of glitches over it). Then, send her to Havana. But be careful of 2 Boneguard soldiers, even though they are easily avoided, they are strong.

Then, once Amelia is at the Town Center, a message from Havana will pop up, saying that Havana has agreed to join Amelia. You will get a Town Center Wagon from Havana, as well as being "fed" resources. Then, send your new wagon to the sandy area where you landed by the way you came, and set up a town. Build walls between the plateaus, and leave the gap to your left open. From there, you will have to survive 15 minutes until the U.S. Navy arrives. If while your waiting Havana gets destroyed, don't worry. You didn't  need them anyways, and you will still be "fed" resources. After 15 minutes have passed, 2 monitors and 1 frigate will spawn from the north area of the ocean. Then, you can use the two monitor's special attacks to destroy the closest fixed gun. From there, use that special attack of the Ossuary as many times as needed. Or, if you want to "farm" experience, then go ahead and destroy the Ossuary base. Once you lose 2 warships, you will get 3 more. Beaumont doesn't need to be killed, only the Ossuary.