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The Laser Trooper is a cheat unit in Age of Empires. Once the code is typed, the unit spawns immediately at the Town Center. Building a new Town Center automatically spawns the unit at that Town Center. The Laser Trooper has the appearance of a futuristic looking spacesuit armed with a laser gun.

It fires a ray of red light like the Mirror Tower, although at a much quicker attack rate. The Laser Man attacks every 1/5th of a second, dealing 15 damage per hit and 75 per second. Despite its superior stats compared to a standard unit making it hard to destroy, its stats cannot be upgraded and it is vulnerable to conversion.


  • When it dies, the unit falls backward twice prior to disappearing. Unlike other units, it disappears immediately without any remains decomposing. Other units that share this unique feature include its relative, the Nuke Trooper. The Winsett's Z and its derivative also have this ability, although with a different death animation.