Lao Chen
Lao Chen history potrait
Name: Lao Chen
Nationality: Chinese
Affiliation: Ming Dynasty
Voiced by: David Sobolov
Games: The Asian Dynasties
First game: The Asian Dynasties
Last game: The Asian Dynasties

Lao Chen is the deuteragonist in the Act II: China campaign in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, and an ally of Captain Jian Huang. He is voiced by David Sobolov.

Biography Edit

"Chen sees the world as it is, and he has no use for the posturing of imperial families or the grand ambitions of an emperor. Having spent his whole life as a fisherman and occasional maritime mercenary in and around Fujian Province, Chen knows that life is often like a voyage, meaning that more often than not you are at the mercy of factors out of your control.

Chen was recruited for the treasure fleet because of his years of experience, as well as his ability to convince many other local Fuzhou sailors and laborers to contribute their manpower. His reputation as a respected and hardened seaman holds much sway in the region. Much to his surprise, Chen develops an interest in the voyages of the treasure fleet. This happens when he finds friendship with Captain Huang, a long-time military man who is undertaking his maiden voyage as a commander. A huge factor in their relationship is the presence of the young and spoiled Admiral Jinhai, who constantly insults those around him. The admiral’s conceit works to polarize the two older men against him. While Huang, as captain, must remain serious and responsible, it is up to Chen to voice his frustrations for both men, often to humorous effect.

Campaign Edit

Lao Chen is a burly sailor under Captain Huang's command. He is suspicious of Admiral Jinhai. After landing in the "New World", Chen wishes to leave the "rock" and return home. He is often foul mouthed in the campaign and frequently derides Jinhai's mercenaries.

When the he collapses, a text box appears that say: "Even with my bottle in hand, I grow colder."

Unit Edit

Lao Chen is a extraordinary powerful Hero unit, and uses his fists for melee combat. Chen has the Anchor Fist ability, a powerful punch that knocks out all enemy within close range.

Abilities Edit

Icon Ability Use
Anchor Fist ability Anchor Fist A powerful punch that deals 400 damage to nearby enemy units, knocking most out.

Gallery Edit