La Noche Triste is the fourth scenario in Montezuma campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

* On moderate and hard difficulty, there are 19 eagle warriors and 2 Monks.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Spanish Wonder to end their influence in Tenochtitlan.

Later Objectives Edit

  • Rescue the Aztec warriors held prisoner by the Tlaxcala.
  • Travel across Lake Texcoco, where you may safely gather resources.
  • Use Monks to capture Spanish villagers from Tenochtitlan.

Hints Edit

  • 1. You will need to sneak around Spanish and Tlaxcalan soldiers until you are ready to fight. Avoid conflict if you can.
  • 2. Use your Eagle Warriors to scout the path ahead. Use Pikemen to fight any Spanish Conquistadors you might encounter.
  • 3. It is acceptable to damage the buildings of Tenochtitlan even though they once belonged to your people. The city can be rebuilt once the Spanish are driven out.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: A single Aztec Jaguar Warrior leads the resistance. He must gather forces along the shores of Lake Texcoco before venturing into Tenochtitlan in the center.
  • The Tlaxcala have gathered in force along the north shore of the lake and along the causeways. They have many Eagle Warriors and a few Monks.
  • The Spanish occupy Tenochtitlan. Their Conquistadors, Missionaries, and Mangonels could be trouble for the Aztec infantry.

Players Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Conquered Aztecs (Aztecs) are possessing most buildings in Tenochtitlan, while serving as Cortéz's subjects. They do not build an army, but having a tiny navy. Their Castles and Guard Towers help Cortéz defend against fellow Aztec resistance.
  • Cortéz (Spanish) is occupying Tenochtitlan, being the primary opponent of the player. They would build a wonder which the player must destroy to win. Their forces mainly made up of Conquistadores, Cannon Galleons and Galleons.
  • Tlaxcala (Aztecs) is being the secondary opponent, based in the northwest, while having pockets of troops at the western part of the map.

Strategy/Tactics Edit

You start with a lone Jaguar Warrior with boosted stats, meant to represent Cuauhtemoc, though it doesn't matter if this Jaguar Warrior survives or not. Cortéz immediately starts building a Wonder in Tenochtitlan, which you must destroy it to win the scenario, before the time runs out. Move south to get some Gaia soldiers, and move north to get a few, including a Monk. You will be asked to free some prisoners in the Tlaxcala base, in the north. Move further north to obtain two Transport Ships, but there are Tlaxcalan soldiers nearby. Either kill them all or avoid from provoking them (beware of your Skirmishers which can attack them at a distance) and board on the transport ships. The bridge is being heavily guarded by Tlaxcalans.

As you cross the lake, you will encounter two of Cortéz's Conquistadores, which you can easily kill them with your Pikemen. Move further to the western part of the map and you will obtain a jaguar pen (a few Jaguars confined in Palisade Walls) and you see a Tlaxcalan Monk outside. Open your jaguar pen (delete any piece of the wall) and the jaguars will kill the Monk and go off, disappearing at some point. Go further north and obtain an Onager, and prepare to kill 6 Tlaxcalan Jaguar Warriors before continuing your journey.

Move further north and collect some troops before proceeding, and you reach the Tlaxcalan base. You should not waste time destroying the buildings (you may set your stance towards Tlaxcala as 'neutral'), focus on killing soldiers blocking your way or attacking you. As you are about to free your fellow prisoners in the Tlaxcalan base, you need to destroy the palisade wall, and the Tlaxcalan soldiers from the bridge nearby will attack you.

There is a War Galley of your fellow Conquered Aztecs which will attack you once you are spotted. You may either try to lure it to the shore with any soldier and destroy it with your onager, or try using your Monk to convert it (it will sink after being converted, as Conquered Aztecs have researched Heresy. Continue crossing the bridge until you reach Tenochtitlan, and you will obtain two Fire Ships and several transport ships at the port. There are two Conquistadores for you to kill.

While the system asks you to cross the lake to the eastern part of the map and set up a base there, it is actually possible to win the scenario without doing so. With good micromanagement skills, as long as you still have your onager, you can simply start destroying the wonder, which is just next to you at this moment, and it should still be under construction. You just have to destroy a Gate belonging to the Conquered Aztecs, and start attacking the wonder. Kill the villager who is building it, and use your onager and some available infantry to destroy the wonder, while protecting your onager. Note that there are two Conquered Aztec Castles behind the wonder which will attack you, and your siege on the wonder will also attract enemies from Cortéz.

If you choose to cross the lake and set up your base, beware of the two Aztec castles mentioned above, as well as Cortéz's navy. You might need to try avoiding them by making a sharp turn, sail near a small island at the northeast, and turn towards the revealed area. Unload your troops and continue moving, and you will get a Monastery and some Monks, and you are given the suggestion to convert some villagers in Tenochtitlan and get them to build your base.

Once you have destroyed the wonder, Cortéz will immediately resign, and after a while you and the Conquered Aztecs are jointly declared winners, despite the 'hostility'.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied that the Jaguar Warrior with buffed stats at the start of the scenario is Cuauhtemoc, the narrator of the Montezuma campaign. It should be noted that though this character speaks in dialogue (if not click-prompts) with Cuauhtemoc's voice, he is still only identified as "Jaguar Warrior", and it does not matter if he dies.
  • This scenario is the only time where Cuauhtemoc personally appears in the gameplay of the Montezuma campaign.
  • As you complete building your Town Center, you are informed with a trivial fact about the northeastern small island mentioned above being full of gold and dedicated to the jaguar god. At the same time, Cortéz will attack the player's base.
  • The opening cinematic starts with "Passed down to you by Cuauhtemoc, prisoner of Tenochtitlan..." while in game Cuauhtemoc starts alone and is free to start the resistance. To make the cinematic accurate, the developers should have added the buffed Jaguar Warrior among the Gaia prisoners and have assigned an ordinary unit instead. Or the opening cinematic should have simply stated "Passed down to you by Cuauhtemoc, Jaguar Warrior of Tenochtitlan."
  • The scenario can be won in less the five minutes. To do so the player needs to move through the first few steps of the scenario until they meet the jaguar warriors that defend the bridge. By hugging the water the player can sneak by them and the watchtowers/castles. Once at the bridge leading torwards the wonder the player must simply march between the enemy towers to reach the barely build wonder and destroy it.

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