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Kronos focuses on Siege Units and myth units.


Both Siege Units and Myth Units are cheaper so a Kronos player can mass them more easily. Kronos players can time shift their buildings, moving them across the map at low cost. This makes Kronos good at rushing, as military buildings can be built in one place, then moved to another near the opponent with no risk to Citizens. Kronos' Deconstruction power can slow down enemies by deconstructing the buildings they need to age up, or create a hole in their defenses. Finally, Kronos' unique technology, Focus, improves scouting by making Oracles work more efficiently.

Kronos has access to Helios, which combines well with his cheaper siege units and myth units. A mix of Destroyers, Behemoths, Hekka Gigantes, and Fire Siphons, when teleported with Vortex, can wreak havoc on a Town Center or other important fortifications. Utilizing time shift alongside this ability can allow Kronos players to secure difficult locations, even across water or other obstructions.


Kronos' ability to time shift buildings comes with significant risks. The transfer from locations takes a considerable amount of time (especially for larger buildings), leaving watchful enemies with enough time to detect and destroy them. While being time shifted, the building has a foundation at both locations, making it possible for enemies to attack it from two different places. Furthermore, only one building can be time shifted at once, so transporting multiple buildings can be time-consuming. Finally, buildings can only be time shifted within the player's line of sight, so they must send their units to scout favorable locations at the risk of running into an ambush.

The goddess Theia is not available to Kronos players, so they are more vulnerable to god powers than those who worship the other two Atlantean major gods. This additionally makes Kronos players more vulnerable to opposing archers, as they will always have the weakest Contarius. Also, aside from Heroic Renewal, Kronos does not grant access to any means of healing or regeneration (one can always cast Traitor on a Valkyrie or Caladria assuming the enemy will train one) so prolonged battles will eventually wear out the player's units if they do not have access to healing via an ally or use of a converted Valkyrie or Caladria. Rushing is actually the recommend tactic with Kronos, which aims for an early victory. So even though the Titan has access to cheaper siege, by the time they become available, the player may find themselves at a disadvantage to other gods who fare better in the late game.

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