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Busy rebuilding, are they? How foolish to pretend they are safe, to think that closing some gates would mean the end of this... to forget that I'm still here.
Well, it's their nature to be forgetful... Even their gods are absentminded - Zeus has forgotten about everyone he has locked away in Tartarus. It is time for all of us to remind him...
—from the opening cutscene of the A Lost People scenario

Kronos is the king of Titans, an Archaic Age major god for the Atlanteans and a Titan unit in Age of Mythology:The Titans.


God power[]


  • Focus.png Focus: Oracle and Oracle Hero have -1.0 per second LOS increase speed; Oracle has +10% movement speed and Oracle Hero has +20% movement speed, +15% hit points and +10% attack.


  • Siege weapons are 10% cheaper and move 10% faster.
  • Myth units are 10% cheaper and move 10% faster.
  • Can time shift buildings to any location within own LOS.

Time shift costs[]

Towers, Palaces, and Helios' Mirror Towers all cost 200 wood and 100 gold to time shift, the same cost as building a new tower.

All other buildings cost 5 wood, though Town Centers, walls, and Wonders cannot be time shifted.


The youngest of the Titans, his name meant time. Kronos became king of the gods after he castrated his father, Oranos, with the help of his mother, Gaia, who wished to free her children whom Oranos had imprisoned. Kronos ruled over a time of prosperity known as the Golden Age.

Kronos and his wife/sister Rheia produced six children, including Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Fearing a revolt similar to his own, Kronos attempted to swallow all of his children at their birth, but Zeus avoided that fate and ultimately freed his siblings and banished the Titans to Tartarus.

Single player[] as I have told you...Make way for the Titans!
—Kronos to his Servant

In both Age of Mythology and The Titans, Kronos is the primary antagonist.

In the original game Kronos works behind the scenes by promising Poseidon power over all the other Olympians. Poseidon in turn uses the Cyclops Gargarensis to open the gate in Tartarus that is imprisoning Kronos. Arkantos manages to defeat Gargarensis and keeping the gate safe, though Poseidon destroys Atlantis out of anger.

In The Titans, Kronos uses his servant to possess Krios, the leader of the Atlantean exiles. He then tricks Kastor into attacking Greek states and their allies. Kastor eventually makes it to Mount Olympus and attacks it, weakening Zeus so that he can no longer hold control over the gates imprisoning the Titans. Kastor and his allies manage to defeat the lesser titans but Kronos' gate is still in the ruins of Atlantis.

Kastor plants the Seeds of Gaia to convert Gaia Pools into Summoning Trees, so that he can summon the goddess herself. Kronos manages to escape and tries to stop the trees from summoning Gaia. However, he fails and Gaia is successfully summoned, and she throws him back into Tartarus. She turns the broken gate into lush greenlands before departing.

Unit stats[]

In-game, Kronos' massive statistics (his 100 HP/second regeneration, in particular) make him almost impossible to defeat. He has nearly instant regeneration and can kill most units quickly with his close combat attacks. Units that are known to defeat him one-on-one are Osiris and Gaia (the latter is programmed to be able to beat him, as she has an attack bonus of 100 against him), although massive amounts of HeroesBallistae, Fire Giants, or Vermilion Birds can defeat him as well (in fact, 100 Ballistae are capable of defeating any unit in the game except for Osiris).




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