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High council member of Atlantis
—In-game description for Theocrat
High council member and founder of New Atlantis
—In-game description for Krios

Krios is the elderly Theocrat who rules Atlantis on behalf of Poseidon. In Age of Mythology he appears as a hero in several campaign scenarios. The Theocrat and Krios are two separate units with the same attributes and referring to the same person. The person appears as a Greek-speaking Theocrat in Fall of the Trident and as the Atlantean-speaking Krios in The New Atlantis.

Campaign appearances[]

Fall of the Trident[]

Krios appears in the first and the last scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign (Omens and A Place in My Dreams, respectively). In the beginning, Krios proposes that Arkantos join the Greeks fighting the Trojan War. Although initially unwilling to go, Arkantos is convinced by Krios to go after the trident from Poseidon's statue is stolen by pirates. It isn't until Arkantos returns to Atlantis that Krios is seen again where he informs Arkantos that Gargarensis entered the temple and then flees to the Transport Ships.

The New Atlantis[]

Krios escaped Atlantis following its destruction and established an Atlantean colony in Norway. While maintaining a small colony, Krios is seen to still have a palace and, at least in name, maintain a royal guard, though control of all the soldiers in the colony is managed by Kastor.

Ten years after the destruction of Atlantis, Kronos's servant kills Krios and assumes his appearance, and afterwards deceives the Atlanteans into freeing the Titans. "Krios" guides Kastor on his quest to rebuild Atlantis, coaxing him towards mount Olympus. The servant eventually reveals his true self when Kastor returns to Sikyos to find Prometheus destroying it.


Age - 82
Homeland - Atlantis (now at the bottom of the ocean)
Occupation - Last surviving member of the Atlantean High Council

Seated among the High Council of Atlantis, the Theocrat is responsible for security of the island state and to make sure the fickle Poseidon, patron of Atlantis, stays mollified. The Theocrat is symptomatic of the old aristocracy of Atlantis that has become proud, yet soft after decades of dominating the other city states.

He is very old now, the years following the fall of Atlantis were tough on the aging man. Season after season of struggle against the elements and the Fates have hardened him and he is possessed of a strength that belies his frail form.


  • Krios' models/animations, and sounds were modified and reused for the Greek Physician.
  • Although his stats suggests he has a ranged attack, he is unable to attack.
    • He was originally intended to be a melee fighter, but was scrapped. His animation still exists.
  • Before the Oracles were introduced in The Titans, the Theocrat and probably Krios were also supposed to do the animation to use the staff to increase the Line of Sight while standing still.
    • Even if the animation isn't in his file or in the proto file, the animation still exists, and players can insert it.
  • There are 2 versions of Krios: the "Theocrat" who speaks Greek and "Krios" who speaks Atlantean.
  • Krios shares his name with a brother of Kronos, one of the first 12 Titans, sometimes written Crius or Kreios. Whether this is intentional to foreshadow his manipulation by Kronos or a coincidence is unknown.
  • Krios can be garrisoned by one Shade of Olympus unit by selecting the Shade XP, clicking the "Garrison inside a building" button, and clicking on Krios. Krios also carries the garrisoned Shade like a Relic.
  • Although both variants are non-revivable, both have the message "A hero has fallen" when they fall.
    • Both are the only one-time heroes who have the message.


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