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The Knights of St. John or the Order of St. John was a European religious organization that fought during the Crusades and controlled Malta and parts of Italy. They are featured in Age of Empires III.

In Act I: Blood of the Age of Empires III campaign, Morgan Black and the Knights went to attack forces of the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish and later the Circle of Ossus over an ancient New World legend which was proven to be true. They resemble the Spanish civilization.

Best Units: Morgan's Flagship, Rodeleros, Lizzie's Flagship, Lizzie's Buccaneers (with Corselet), Lancer, Hussar, Morgan Black, Elisabet Ramsey, Sahin The Falcon, Falconet, Priest and the Highlander.

  • The Knights of St. John are a campaign civilization that is only available for play in either the story mode of Age of Empires III or custom scenarios made from the Scenario Editor.
  • The Knights of St. John, though based in Malta, are in many ways very similar to the Spanish civilization because they have similar architectural styles, units, and Home City but speak the English language. Thus The Knights of St. John are essentially a mix of the two.

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  • The Knights of St. John are minor opponents in one of the battles of the Saladin campaign in Age of Empires II. There, they were known as the Knights Hospitallers, and were represented by the Teuton civilization.