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The Knights of St. John or the Order of St. John was a European religious organization that fought during the Crusades and controlled Malta and parts of Italy. They are featured in Age of Empires III.


This campaign-exclusive civilization is limited to the Fortress Age and is generally unable to access gunpowder units - most notably, they are entirely reliant on Home city Shipments for Falconets. There as some exceptions - notably, they have access to the Mortar in the Fortress Age. They share two unique units with the Spanish, share the Mediterranean architectural style for many of their buildings, and their Home City is based on the Spanish Home City.

In Act I: Blood of the Age of Empires III campaign, Morgan Black and the Knights went to attack forces of the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish and later the Circle of Ossus over an ancient New World legend which was proven to be true.


The Knights of St. John do not have civilization-specific features, although they may train the Mortar in the Fortress Age, and the Heavy Fortifications card is available for them in the Fortress Age, granting them Fortified Outposts sooner than any other civilization.

Almost all of their units speak a variant of Middle English, using the same dialogue files as the British, except for the Rodelero and Lancer, who speak Castilian Spanish.

Unique units[]

Rodelero icon.png Rodelero: Fast-moving sword and buckler infantry.
Hoop Thrower.png Hoop Thrower: Knights of Malta that throw flaming hoops at Janissaries.
Lancer.png Lancer: Heavy cavalry armed with a lance for killing infantry.

Heroes and special units[]

During the campaign many of the heroes have special units and ships that accompany them on their adventure, they generally can't be replaced if lost.

Native allies[]

Home City Cards[]

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