King of Valencia is the fifth scenario in the El Cid campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It is based on the Conquest of Valencia.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • El Cid must survive.
  • El Cid must once again find a new city in which to live.
    • Defend Denia from Count Berenguer.
    • El Cid must flee and establish a new base.
    • Defend Valencia from Berenguer until the Wonder is completed.

Hints Edit

  • 1. El Cid no longer serves the Moors. Your technology tree is Spanish once again.
  • 2. Look for soldiers and villagers who will join The Cid. You will need an army to take Valencia.
  • 3. Know when to fight and when to run away.
  • 4. Count Berenguer's army is mighty, but he does not own a navy. Therefore, you can get plenty of food from the Mediterranean, but fielding your own navy is not necessary.
  • 5. Berenguer's mountain fortress is virtually impenetrable. Although you can slow him down by a direct assault, that is not the path to victory.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: El Cid (red) is alone again and this time Motamid cannot come to his assistance.
  • There are several towns in southern Spain that might prove allies, Denia (green), Lérida (orange), and Valencia (yellow). None of these towns can field a large military.
  • El Cid's enemy is once again Count Berenguer (purple). Berenguer has a well-fortified city in the north that will prove very difficult to siege. As such, other avenues to victory are a better option. Berengeur relies on combined arms of archers, infantry, and Knights along with a plethora of siege weapons. Construct your defenses well!

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Spanish): The player starts with El Cid Campeador in the very west of the map.

Allies Edit

  • Denia (Persians): Denia is the first town the Cid crosses, at the western part of the map. Denia itself only possesses Palisade Walls, a few Outposts, and a lone Siege Workshop. All the other units and buildings in Denia are Gaia and are given to the Cid once he arrives.
  • Lérida (Saracens): Lérida lies southeast of Denia. With just a few buildings (mostly Houses) and Gaia units, Lérida is just another short visit for the Cid to collect troops.
  • Valencia (Spanish): Valencia is a fortified town that lies rather central on the map, at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. All buildings in Valencia are Gaia, so the Cid will gain control over them once he gets there.

Enemies Edit

  • Berenguer (Franks): Count Berenguer has a heavily fortified base in the north, as well as an outlying base in the northeast and some troops surrounding Valencia. The camp in the northeast is emptied at the very beginning of the scenario to attack Denia, and the units at Valencia's walls attack soon once the Cid gets there. Later, Berenguer attacks Valencia with Cavaliers and Bombard Cannons.

Strategy Edit

The player start only with El Cid at the western part of the map. They will encounter a few of Berenguer's soldiers before they may take over Denia. Several Gaia buildings and units (including villagers) in Denia switch to the player's side. Berenguer will attack Denia very soon, so the player must leave Denia when Berenguer's invasion force arrives.

As the player arrives in Lérida, there will be a few Gaia soldiers as well as four Gaia villagers at the seaside joining the player once found. As the player reaches the Gaia monastery in the middle of the map, they will also obtain two Gaia Missionaries.

Valencia is just at the east of the monastery, already surrounded by Berenguer's army, and they would immediately start attacking the player's forces. Valencia has Gaia walls and buildings in Middle Eastern architecture, which would then switch to the player's command. Once in control of the city, the two Valencian villagers will immediately start building a Wonder.

Berenguer would keep invading Valencia, concentrating at the north, in an attempt to destroy the Wonder. The foces would arrive with Trebuchets and Bombard Cannons, which would force the player to use ground units to destroy them. Berenguer has two Bombard Towers at the north of Valencia. Use the mobility of the Missionaries to convert Berenguer's attacking forces, amassing more units for the player's army at the same time. The player must ensure the Valencian villagers complete building the Wonder in order to win. Berenguer's castle is very heavily defended, so it is recommended to keep one's forces defending Valencia until the Wonder is complete.


  • The usage of Franks to represent Berenguer player was inaccurate, as all Count Berenguers were actually Spanish, not French. 
    • It's possible that the developers used Franks to represent them to give the player a challenge while facing their cavalry units.

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