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This article is about the King hero named Sancho. For other units named King, see King (disambiguation).

Sancho II of Castile (c. 1038 - October 7, 1072), known in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors as King Sancho, was the first King of Castile from 1065 and briefly of Galicia (1071) and Leon (1072), both by conquest. He appears as a hero King and ally in the first scenario of the El Cid campaign, where he rewards El Cid's victory in a tournament with the command of his army in the war against his brother, Alfonso VI of Leon. King Sancho is also available in the Scenario Editor.

Like other Kings, Sancho cannot attack but has a fast movement speed and decent Line of Sight. As a hero, he cannot be converted by Monks and can regenerate health.


  • Sancho is given the numeral II instead of I because the Kingdom of Castile is continuous with the County of Castile established in 850 A.D.
  • Despite being portrayed in Age of Empires II as retaliating against his brother's ambition to reunify their father's inheritance, in reality it was Sancho who demanded it as the eldest son and overthrew his brother.
  • Sancho was both born and killed in Zamora, a city in the Kingdom of Leon, despite living and ruling most of his life in Castile (first in his father's stead, then as King). This is portrayed in the game as Alfonso luring Sancho there to have him assassinated; in reality, Sancho was besieging Zamora (which had been inherited by his sister) and Alfonso was exiled in Toledo.