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This article is about the special unit. For other units named King, see King (disambiguation).

Kings are special units in Age of Empires II appearing in campaign scenarios and Regicide games. They are unable to attack or make any contribution to the economy, but they can be useful in the early game to scout the map.

Kings are also available in the Scenario Editor, but can never be trained.

  • EU: European and Mediterranean
  • NA: Native American
  • CA: Central Asian
  • ME: Middle Eastern and South Asian
  • EA: East Asian
  • AF: African
  • SEA: Southeast Asian


Kings have a moderate number of hit points (75) but possess no attack or armor (there is a bug that grants the King 1 attack, although the game says that the king has no attack). In Regicide games, players that lose their King instantly lose the game. Consequently, the own King must be protected and kept alive at all cost, and locations of enemy Kings should always be center of own aggression. Kings move very quickly, have a high Line of Sight from the start, and are not attacked by wild animals.

That makes them excellent for scouting the periphery of the player's town in the early game, though it is dangerous to scout too deeply in the enemy's territory because of Town Center and Castle fire. Every player in a Regicide game begins with a Castle, and as soon as the surroundings are scouted it is advised to garrison the King in it. Later in the game, he should always be kept behind Walls and garrisoned inside a safe Castle. Like heroes, Kings cannot be converted, but they, unlike heroes, do not regenerate hit points.

Kings have their own unique voice clips in their civilization's language.

Since The African Kingdoms, Kings now have different sprites as per the architecture set, making it easier to recognize their regional origin.


There are a few King heroes and their regional models:

They all make campaign appearances except for King Bela IV and Jayanegara, who are only available in the Scenario Editor. Unlike normal Kings, hero Kings don't change their appearance when assigned to a different architecture style.


Definitive Edition[]

  • With update 42848, a new hotkey entry is added to quickly “Go to King” when playing the Regicide game mode.


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