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Khepesh are the basic heavy infantry of the Egyptian army in Age of Empires: Mythologies.


Khepesh are particularly good against archers and siege weapons that cannot generally give a counterattack in melee. They also specialize in fighting light infantry as well as weaker or even leveled khepesh and regular huskarls who have inferior defense. A powerful cavalry unit will destroy the khepesh however. The khepesh is a key instrument for the Egyptian army in sieging as well. In general the myrmidon and myth heavy infantry will surpass the khepesh in combat as well as cavalry so the khepesh should specialize in hero and human light infantry, archers, siege, building, and equal or weaker heavy infantry as all other heavy infantry should.


Khopesh clash

Khopesh clash with Anubites

The Khepesh uses a sickle sword and a hexagonal shield with an ankh in the center. The Khepesh in general would benefit from any research or relics improving movement to be more useful against archers that are farther away. The clothing of the Khepesh is very similar to other Egyptian soldiers, including the Slinger and Spearman.