Kemsyt is a villain in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology.

Greece[edit | edit source]

Kemsyt is originally sent by Gargarensis to the city of Ioklos, where he leads a group of bandits in taking the people of the city, including Chiron, prisoner. He then enslaves some of them, and forces them to dig up an Underworld Passage.

Egypt[edit | edit source]

Kemsyt leads a band of Egyptian raiders, and is the archenemy of Amanra. He is said to be shrewd and cunning, and not inclined to put himself in danger. He is one of the two main mortal allies of Gargarensis and works with him to prevent the god Osiris from being resurrected.

Norselands[edit | edit source]

After the heroes succeed in reviving the dead Osiris, Kemsyt flees with Gargarensis to the Norselands. When the Tartarus Gate in Niflheim was sealed, Skult placed a spell on Kemsyt, making him look like Gargarensis.

Kemsyt leads the remainder of Gargarensis's Norse allies against the heroes, but is beaten by the timely arrival of Odysseus and several Greek soldiers. Once he's captured, Ajax beheads the disguised Kemsyt. Upon their journey back to Atlantis, the heroes discover that they have beheaded Kemsyt when a soldier removes his head from a box, intending to lash it to the bow upon their entering Atlantis's harbor.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

Age -- 32
Homeland -- Karnak
Occupation -- Bandit and assassin

Worshipper of Set, desert shadow, poisoner and assassin - Kemsyt is a deadly enemy and a loyal ally. Kemsyt hungers for power but lacks the strength to inspire and lead others. Still, his network of information and resources more than make up for his wheedling nature and cowardice. Kemsyt and Amanra are old enemies who have fought many times, but Kemsyt has always managed to escape.
—In-game help section

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the beta, Kemsyt's name was originally intended to be named "Shaba Ka" however he was renamed because it did not fit the time era of Age of Mythology.
  • He has the same age as Amanra.
  • He appears to be fighting using some sort of scimitar-like blade. A less anachronistic, and more realistic choice would be a sicklesword (khopesh).
  • Despite his mythology section stating he is a worshipper of Set, in some campaign scenarios, he worships Isis, namely in Light Sleeper (yellow Kemsyt) and Where They Belong
  • Kemsyt only appears in the campaign's cut scenes, except in Unlikely Heroes, where he personally appears in-game as part of the enemy forces
    • In this scenario, the player needs to fight their way towards the Giant Gate Ram to locate him, since he is covered with the fog of war.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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