The Kebenit is the Egyptian arrow ship in Age of Mythology that is available at the Dock once the Classical Age is reached.

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Arrow Ships are critical in gaining control of water as they are the only warship available in the Classical Age. They are also effective at sinking enemy transports. Once in the Heroic Age, however, they will need support from other warships in order to be effective. They deal bonus damage against Hammer Ships and Transport Ships. However, Siege Ships will destroy them easily. Siege weapons or naval/amphibious myth units like the Azure Dragon are also a large threat.

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King Sahure of the Fifth Century is credited with establishing the first Egyptian navy. The ships were constructed in the city of Byblos, by Phoenicians who were the finest known shipbuilders. Like many Egyptian ships, these galleys could be sailed down the Nile and rowed back the other direction. Their 18 oars gave the Egyptian warships good manoeuvrability, particularly over the non-rowed warships of Egyptian enemies, such as the "Sea Peoples." Egyptian galleys were equipped with rams, but combat typically consisted of boarding or archer fire. Egyptian ships had high bulwarks to protect against enemy missiles, and their own archers were trained in naval combat.

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