The Katapeltes is an Atlantean counter-cavalry unit available in the Classical Age.

Attack bonuses Edit

  • Cavalry: ×3
  • Siege Weapons: ×2.5

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

General Edit

Oranos increases movement speed by 10%.

Strategy Edit

The Katapeltes is a dedicated counter-cavalry unit and will destroy cavalry easily and when in groups they are able to handle even War Elephants. They are decent against siege weapons as well. However, they are weak against everything else, especially archers. This makes their usefulness somewhat dubious.

Murmillo can easily handle most of their combat roles. They are less effective against cavalry and have slightly lower HP but are more versatile as they have almost double the base attack of a Katapeltes and are slightly cheaper. As such Katapeltes are generally the inferior choice unless the opponent is massing cavalry or War Elephants.

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • Originally, the Katapeltes has 120 hit points. With patch 1.02, it has 115 hit points.

History Edit

The Katapeltes is very effective against cavalry, but is expensive and weak against all other units.

While the mace doesn't at first appear to be a weapon suited to fighting cavalry, used with precision, the powerful strikes can smash through armor to crush the legs of horses and knees or riders. Only the heaviest armor could turn aside the attacks of the Katapeltes - the shield smasher.

Katapeltes Hero Edit

Like all Atlantean human units, a Katapeltes can be converted into a Hero at any time, provided the player has sufficient resources.

Attack bonuses Edit

Upgrades Edit

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  • The name "Katapeltes" is Greek, meaning Shieldbreaker. This, along with their general design, suggests they might at one point have been intended to be an Atlantean counter-infantry unit, instead of being counter-cavalry.
    • "Katapeltes" is also the etymological root of "Catapult".

Gallery Edit

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