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Kassa Hailu, better known by his regnal name Tewodros II (baptized Gebre Kidan, ca. 1818 — 1868), is an Ethiopian nobleman who would end the Zemene Mesafint through military conquests and re-established the Ethiopian Empire as its new emperor, marking the start to the modern Ethiopian history. His feats are featured in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals as the The Era of the Princes Historical Battle.


Born in 1818, Kassa Hailu spent his youth avoiding death and misfortune in the war-torn land of Ethiopia, a place plagued by internecine conflicts between various princes and warlords vying for the imperial title. After a brief stint in a local army, Kassa turned to banditry, becoming a shifta (brigand). Building an increasingly large following of people who saw him as a liberator and restorer of wealth to the common people whom the squabbling warlords had bled dry, Kassa eventually was elevated to the noble class in 1845. Refusing to submit to imperial authority, he crushed various warlords and imperial armies, even invading Ottoman Egypt on one occasion. His campaigns culminated in triumph in 1855, when he was invested with the imperial title – which he would hold until his death in 1868 – and took the name Tewodros II.

In-game unit[]

Gifted, intrepid warrior and a champion of the Ethiopian people.
—In-game description

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