Kamos is a Minotaur pirate in Age of Mythology. He appears in the Fall of the Trident campaign as the leader of the fleet of pirates who stole Poseidon's trident from the Atlanteans, and is one of Gargarensis' two mortal allies. He is one of the game's secondary Antagonists.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

At an early age, Kamos was kidnapped by an Egyptian fishing ship and raised by the goddess Bast. For unknown reasons he harbors great anger and rage. Kamos is missing one hand, which he lost when attempting to hand-feed a Leviathan. The hand is afterwards replaced with a khopesh.

Feud with Arkantos[edit | edit source]

It is hinted that Kamos shares some sinister connection with Theris, the Anubite which was killed by Arkantos, the Atlantean admiral.

Kamos had been leading pirate raids on Atlantis; however, each of them were repelled by Arkantos. During one such raid, Arkantos' wife was killed by Kamos, which turned the fight into a personal issue.

Fall of the Trident[edit | edit source]

Kamos led another raid on Atlantis using Krakens and a force of Pirates. All were killed by a garrison lead by Arkantos, and a small Atlantean cohort (Called the Atlantean Army in-game). However, some of the Atlanteans soon realized that the raid was just a diversion to distract them as the pirates stole the trident from a huge statue of Poseidon on a rocky island in the bay. This was confirmation that Atlantis was losing Poseidon's favor. Convinced by Krios, the theocrat of Atlantis, Arkantos departed for Kamos' island base in the Mediterranean Sea.

Kamos escaping on a Leviathan

Arkantos followed the pirate ships back to their base on an island. On that island, Arkantos found that Kamos, the leader of the pirates and his wife's murderer, was the leader of the pirates and was hiding with the trident. He led a group of soldiers to attack Kamos's camp. Cornered on a cliff, Kamos refused to surrender, claiming he would display Arkantos's head on the mast of his ship. Subsequently, Kamos jumped off the cliff and escaped by riding away on the back of a Leviathan. Arkantos sent the trident back and continued east to fight with his Greek allies at the city of Troy.

On the way to Egypt[edit | edit source]

After Arkantos and his band of heroes escaped from the Underworld, Kamos was heard arguing with Gargerensis on a pirate ship as they sailed towards Egypt. Kamos was criticizing that Gargerensis should have opened the first gate to Tartarus when he had the chance. Gargerensis then retorted by saying that if Kamos had killed Arkantos when he went to collect the trident, he would have.

Kamos asked what they were supposed to do if Arkantos escaped from the Underworld. Gargerensis then told him that it would not matter as Arkantos wouldn't have enough time to gather an army to Egypt and stop him from releasing the Old One (i. e. Kronos) from Tartarus. Kamos then swore that if Arkantos did escape from Erebus, he would not escape him again.

The Last Osiris Piece[edit | edit source]

Later in Egypt, Kamos was instructed by Gargarensis to guard the last piece of Osiris from Arkantos and his army. Kamos hid it in one of his pirate bases and had his whole fleet patrolling along the river. Kamos personally guarded the Osiris piece in a citadel. Arkantos, Ajax and their army managed to sneak across by commandeering two pirate ships and headed for the island which Kamos had his stronghold built. With the combined forces of Arkantos' and Ajax's army and help from the natives of the island, they managed to destroy Kamos's base.

In the midst of chaos, Arkantos himself managed to get to Kamos while the others were busy. After a lengthy fight, Kamos attempted to flee, but Arkantos followed him and cornered him, yet again, on a cliff. Vowing to kill the Atlantean many days before, Kamos charged at Arkantos. But Arkantos was ready; he lifted up his spear just in time and Kamos was impaled by it. Bleeding and staggering heavily, Kamos fell off the cliff and landed on the sharp rocks at the base of the cliff below, killing him instantly.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kamos has the ability to do a gore attack which will sent his enemies flying - note that this doesn't work on Heroes.

History[edit | edit source]

Age -- 39
Homeland -- Knossos
Occupation -- Pirate

Special attack -- Minotaur gore

Kamos was a minotaur calf when he was taken off an Egyptian fishing ship, and raised by the goddess Bast. For reasons unknown, Kamos harbors great anger and uses his background to lead Egyptian pirates in thievery and murder. He has attacked Atlantean trade ships on numerous occasions, but always retreats to one of his many island strongholds before Arkantos can catch him. Kamos lost his hand attempting to tame a Leviathan by hand-feeding it.
—In-game history section

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