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Kamandaran is a technology in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition that is unique to the Persians and can be researched at the Castle. Once researched, it changes the cost of Archer line units from 25 wood and 45 gold to 60 wood, effectively making them trash units.

Kamandaran replaces Boiling Oil which was introduced in The Forgotten.


Kamandaran is a very useful technology, as it makes the Persian Crossbowmen cost only 60 wood, turning them into a trash unit. In order to keep the game balance, the Persians lack the Arbalester and Bracer upgrades. Crossbowmen excel at taking down infantry, especially in the late game, and perform much better against cavalry than Skirmishers. Crossbowmen also make a good complement to War Elephants, as the food and gold can be invested on the elephants while the wood can be invested in Crossbowmen, and both units have similar movement speed. Furthermore, the Crossbowman can help War Elephants by killing Pikemen and Monks, two units War Elephants have a huge problem dealing with.

Like the Magyar unique technology Corvinian Army, the Malay unique technology Forced Levy and the Bohemian unique technology Hussite Reforms the player should research Kamandaran as soon as they require more Archers in order to have the highest possible use. Since Archers cost 45 gold, this technology starts to pay out gold-wise if 7 or more Archers are trained after researching it.


Definitive Edition[]


  • Archers of the Sasanian Empire (the last Persian monarchy before the rise of Islam) were called Kamandaran (Persian: کماندار, lit. "archer").