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Kaesong is a campaign scenario that was intended to be included in a planned Korean campaign for Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, but was cut prior to release due to "time constraints".[1]

The scenario, however, can be downloaded in the Steam workshop. An English and a Spanish version is available there.

Take the place of a famous Korean general and reunite Korea once more. This scenario is a build & destroy scenario where you face several enemies. Are you able to turn the tide and bring your people victory?
—Short explanation from the creators


Silla, which had accomplished an incomplete unification of the Three Kingdoms of Korea in 668, weakened and lost control over local lords during the end of the 9th century. The country entered a period of civil war and rebellion, led by Gung Ye, Gi Hwon, Yang Gil, and Gyeon Hwon.

Gung Ye established Hugoguryeo (meaning "Later Goguryeo," renamed Taebong and Majin) while Gyeon Hwon established Hubaekje (meaning "Later Baekje"). Together with the declining Silla, they are known as the Later Three Kingdoms.

Wang Geon, a descendant of a merchant family of Songdo (present-day Kaesong), joined Taebong at first but overthrew Gung Ye later on and established the Goryeo Kingdom and Dynasty in 918.

Goryeo adopted a Silla-friendly, Hubaekje-hostile attitude in the later Three Kingdoms, but in 927, Goryeo was defeated by Hubaekje in present-day Daegu. Wang Geon lost his best supporters in the battle. For 3 years, Hubaekje dominated the Later Three Kingdoms but after a defeat at Andong in 930, Hubaekje lost its power again.

The Later Three Kingdoms era ended as Goryeo annexed Silla in 935 and defeated Hubaekje in 936. Wang Geon moved the capital to his hometown Kaesong, and ruled the Korean peninsula as the first King of Goryeo. Wang Geon then married a daughter of the Silla royal family and let most nobles keep their lands in order to bring peace to the country. Even though Wang Geon ruled the united nation for only 7 years before his son took the reign after his death, the succession was not challenged.

The dynasty, Wang Geon had founded ruled over Korea for a total of 474 years but was subdued at one point by the Mongols and finally fell to the Goryeo general Yi Seonggye who revolted and overthrew the last king of Goryeo. Thus ending the Goryeo era.


  • Player (Koreans)
  • Silla (Koreans)
  • Hubaekje (Koreans)
  • Tang (Chinese)
  • Goryeo (Koreans)
  • Hubaekje's army (Koreans)
  • Jin (Chinese)


Well done. You've united Korea for the Goryeo! A prosperous time will come for the whole nation that will last for centuries!