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John Black's Mercenaries are a band of mercenaries under John Black. They are featured in Age of Empires III.

In Act II: Ice of the Age of Empires III campaign, John Black and Ká:nien went to defend his uncle Stuart's colony from Cherokee raids and then a British attack before both were revealed to be another plot from the Circle of Ossus seeking the long lost fountain of youth. They resemble the German civilization.

Best units: Uhlan, Skirmishers, War Wagon, John Black, Ká:nien

  • John Black's Mercenaries are a campaign civilization that is only available for play in either the Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III or custom scenarios made from the Scenario Editor.
  • John Black's Mercenaries, though based in United States, possess the unique cavalry units of Germans, while their home city is based on the home city of the Dutch - Amsterdam. They do not get any special civilization features, such as extra Uhlans (except with the 'Improved Mercenaries' card) or requiring more experience per shipment.
  • They are restricted to the Industrial Age.
  • All of their units speak Old English (same as the British), except for their cavalry units, who speak the usual German.

Home City Cards[]

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Act II: Ice - native allies[]


  • Their architectural style is the polar opposite of the Circle of Ossus: All buildings resemble the British architectural style, except the House, which resembles German.