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Jiao-Long is the main protagonist in the Tale of the Dragon campaign in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. He was tasked by Emperor Yao to investigate the sudden cataclysms that plagued the land and is quickly joined by Shun and Zhi.


Jiao-Long can regenerate 1.5 HP per second. Jiao-Long cannot be killed: if his HP reaches 1, he merely faints and can be resuscitated if approached by allied units.

In the game's proto-file codes, Jiao-Long has a morale ability which is a "carbon-copy" to that of Arkantos. If it were fixed by adding his proper animations, he would have given a battle cry that boosted the strength of his troops.

Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Mysterious forces have upset the balance of Yin and Yang, and Emperor Yao's subjects are being harmed by natural disasters (such as floods and volcanic eruptions) and monsters. To investigate these disturbances, the Emperor sent his finest general, Jiao-Long and his son, prince Danzhu, to investigate and resolve the chaos.

Jiao-Long first meets with Shun, a compassionate leader that has brought peace and prosperity to multiple villages; he has been appointed to oversee the construction of a Dam that will protect the surviving inhabitants of a region at the Yellow River from further floods. When the Chinese workers eventually manage to finish the construction, after multiple attacks by hostile Lizards and War Salamanders, the two heroes head to the west, where they encounter some hostile mountain clans.

Confrontation with Danzhu[]

Jiao-Long and Shun fight their way through the mountain and with the help of some friendly peasants, they destroy the mountain base. Jiao-Long searches for Zhi's Temple nearby, but shortly after finding it, Zhi's temple turns into a Mysterious Hole, from where he tried to summon Dilong, the Earth Dragon, for Danzhu.

Jiao-Long and Shun convince Zhi to summon Dilong for them instead. Frustrated, Danzhu decides to attack Jiao-Long and Shun with his army of 200 men, but Jiao-Long's forces are too strong for Danzhu's army and he retreats.

Reaching Pangu[]

Eventually, the three heroes journey through Diyu (the Chinese Underworld) and the East Sea (where Ao Kuang's palace lies) and travel through the jungles of Southern China, to reach the altar of Pangu.

After Jiao-Long, Shun and Zhi help the Vermilion Bird, Danzhu spies on them and prepares for another attack, but again, his army is no match for Jiao-Long's forces. After Jiao-Long summons Pangu, Danzhu congratulates Jiao-Long as if he hadn't tried to kill him. Jiao-Long replies with "Your actions have spoken more than your words ever could. Do not expect a favorable report when I return you to the Emperor."


Age -- 37
Homeland -- China
Occupation -- General

Jiao-Long grew up in a family close to the court of Emperor Yao. He made a steady career in the Imperial Army, fighting off bandits and hostile clans in the most barren regions of the Empire. As he earned a stellar reputation in the army, he was asked by the Emperor to serve close to him in the capital. However, Jiao-Long politely declined so he could stay closer to the rural population, which he vowed to protect as well.
—In-game mythology section


  • Jiaolong in Chinese mythology refers to a type of shapeshifting aquatic dragon.
  • Zhi and Jiao-Long are the only characters in Tale of the Dragon that are not based on historical or mythological Chinese characters.
  • According to his description, Jiao-Long was meant to have a charge attack that throws enemies. Instead, his charge attack deals a little extra damage.


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