Dome of the Rock (Saladin)

The Dome of the Rock, a famous sight in Jerusalem, as it appears in the Saladin campaign

Jerusalem is a city in modern-day Israel, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem was called "Urusalima" in the ancient cuneiform, meaning "City of Peace". It had great religious and historical importance, and was considered the capital of the Holy Land.

City plan Edit

It appeared in both the Saladin and Barbarossa campaigns. Its civilization was always the Byzantines, until the Definitive Edition, wherein it was represented by the Franks in two scenarios. It is represented by the color Blue in most of the campaigns, except in the The Lion and the Demon scenario of the Saladin campaign, (where it appeared as a crusader state rather than a city) it was represented by the Grey color, as the Blue was taken by the Franks, in that same scenario. The city is well fortified, with keeps, bombard towers and castles. It has well planned roads, many houses, and has many monasteries. In every scenario it is present in (As a city), the Dome of the Rock is present, and the objectives are usually centered around it. Near the Dome of the Rock, a special type of trees was always used, and lakes were usually placed across the city.

In Age of Empires II Edit

The city appeared in Age of Emipres II, in the Saladin and Barbarossa campaigns, in the The Siege of Jerusalem and The Emperor Sleeping scenarios respectively, being the main focus point of the objectives.

Saladin campaign Edit

Jerusalem (Crusader State)

Jerusalem as one of the crusaders in The Horns of Hattin

In the Saladin campaign, The Siege of Jerusalem scenario refers to the siege on the city by Saladin, that lasted from September 20 to October 2, 1187, that resulted in the Saracens reclaiming the city from the Crusaders, ending the Kingdom of Jerusalem, that resulted in the Crusaders responding by sending the Third Crusade, which is detailed in the final scenarios of the Barbarossa campaign.

It also appeared as a Crusader State in The Horns of Hattin and The Lion and the Demon scenarios.

Barbarossa campaign Edit

Historically, after the Saracens reclaimed Jerusalem, the Crusaders responded by sending the Third Crusade on the Holy Land, which is detailed in the Barbarossa's March and The Emperor Sleeping, with the main objective being delivering Barbarossa's body to the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem.

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