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Jean Parisot de Valette (1495 - 1568) is the AI personality of the Maltese in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. He was Grand Master of the Order of Saint John from 1557 to 1568 and commanded the successful repulsion of the Ottomans at the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 before founding the city of Valletta in 1566.


Parisot is a reserved, quiet leader who observes the code of chivalry. His dialogue is full of knightly ferocity and piety, and he often reuses Morgan Black's lines from Act I: Blood.



Parisot as an Ally[]

  • Beginning of new game after carrying Jean Parisot's team last game - "Perhaps you can teach this old Templar some new tricks."
  • Beginning of new game after defeating Jean Parisot previously - "Had enough sparring with me? Let us try our teamwork, then."
  • Player collects the first treasure - "Ah! Very good! I assume you intend to donate your findings to my order? For the good cause."
  • Player collects a treasure - "More pirates! Destroy them all!"
  • Player collects a food-related treasure - "An army marches on its stomach! Keep that Explorer moving."
  • Player collects a wood-related treasure - "Wood! It may seem plain and ordinary, but it is the source of great power. Mark my words!"
  • Parisot claims a coin-related treasure - "Stolen gold - confiscated! And put to good use in the name of the Lord."
  • Requesting wood - "The construction of my new capital was halted due to a lack of timber. If you can send some, I will dedicate the next building to your honor!"
  • Requesting coin - "Our corso was not as successful as I hoped, do you have any gold to spare for the upkeep of my army?"
  • Agreeing to feed coin - "You will get your gold, but be cautious. These are unfamiliar waters."
  • Agreeing to attack - "Today we fight! A wall of steel united as brothers and sisters." or "The Order will put everything in order!"
  • Agreeing to strategy - "Nothing would please me more, my lord."
  • Declining attack - "I must respectfully decline. This is not in the interest of the order."
  • Declining attack (too few soldiers) - "I have a few weapons left, but no soldiers to carry them."
  • Declining attack (illegal) - "I have the faith, but not the means."
  • Player is first to Commerce Age - "Such an impressive start, my ally! You may now cast the first stone at our sinful enemies!"
  • Player ages slower than him - "I held them back while you aged up, now it's your turn!"
  • Player ages faster than Parisot - "Your progress is a shining example for all allies and enemies alike." or "I admire the technological prowess displayed by your people. Care to share your secrets with the Order?"
  • Constructing a Town Center - "Our covered wagon has arrived. We must use it to build a Town Center near the trading post."
  • Under attack - "My knights are under siege once again. Send reinforcements, we will make them pay!"

Parisot as an Enemy[]

  • Beginning of game - "I am Jean Parisot de Valette! The shield of Europe! The 49th Grand Master of the Order of Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem - and the last proper knight in this battle."
  • Beginning of game with a lower difficulty - "Last time was a good warmup, this time do not pull any punches!"
  • Player collects the first treasure - "Do not get too fond of your find, I will destroy whatever you use it on.
  • Player collects a treasure - "I have more important matters to attend to. Keep that treasure."
  • Player collects a coin-related treasure - "All these coins you gather will be confiscated by my brethren - sooner or later." or "No amount of gold is enough to weigh up your sins. That is why I should take that gold."
  • Player collects a food-related treasure - "That food pales in comparison to what my fishermen are bringing in every minute."
  • Player collects multiple treasures - "You use your actions on treasures, I use them on the preparation of your demise." or "Hoard all treasures like a dragon, you will still be slain by this knight."
  • Parisot claims a food-related treasure - "This field ration will keep my brothers healthy and full of energy!"
  • Parisot claims a coin-related treasure - "Even a Templar is more motivated if he also fights for a good sum of gold."
  • Player ages slower than him - "Hanging in old ages for nostalgia will not win wars. Even our oldest knights know how to fire a musket by now."
  • Player ages faster than him - "Racing ahead with no goal in mind will only get you lost."
  • Player builds a Trading Post on a trade route - "No amount of gold is enough to weigh up your sins."
  • Spots player's explorer near town - "What is your untalented explorer trying to find in my base? The fountain of youth? Is he not a bit too old for that?"
  • Discovers player's Town Center - "Be careful now, I know where you live."
  • Attacked by two or more players - "Are you always picking on someone smaller than yourself?"
  • Colony is ravaged - "You gained no honor from this victory, only a small island."
  • Defeat - "Your show of force has left a lasting impression on us. Would you like to become the new Grand Master?" or "An honorable loss against a worthy opponent. Shall we end all hostilities now?"


Jean Parisot de Valette is a resilient, undeterred commander. In his role as the shield of Europe, Valetta values a strong defense above anything else to uphold his sacred duties. As Grand Master and knight of the Order of Malta, he prefers honorable hand to hand fighting for his well armored units.


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