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The Javelina is a huntable animal in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It has 75 hit points, and is much more difficult to kill than Deer. It is almost essential that Villagers take it on in groups, as the life of the lone Villager will be compromised attacking it.

The Javelina provides 340 food, considerably more than most huntable animals. It is a functionally and cosmetically identical American version of the Wild Boar, replacing it in American maps.


  • The word "Javelina" derives from the Spanish jabalina, meaning both "female wild boar", and the type of spear used to hunt boars (javelin).
  • Despite appearing identical to Old World Wild Boars in the game, real Javelinas are smaller, with shorter faces and downward pointed tusks that don't protrude when the animal closes its mouth. They are also more vegetarian than wild boars. Nevertheless, they are still considered dangerous when injured or threatened.
  • According to unused files within Age of Empires III, Javelinas were meant to appear at some point.


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