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Resilient Javanese rebel armed with a spiked bamboo spear to defeat cavalry.
—In-game information

The Javanese Spearman is a revolutionary melee heavy infantry in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition that is available to Indonesia and can be trained at the Barracks, Fort, and Wokou Junk once the Indonesian revolution is researched.


When Indonesia revolts, all Settlers become Javanese Spearmen. In terms of stats, they are mix between Pikemen and Halberdiers.

  • They cost 100 food
  • They have the higher hitpoints of Halberdiers (200)
  • They have the higher speed movement (5) but worse attack of Pikemen (8 with x5 against cavalry)
  • Different from both, they have a ranged resistance instead of melee of 30%


  • The depiction of the Javanese Spearman and the Chinese/Japanese Sentry using a bamboo spear is anachronistic. The bamboo spear is used only during and after World War 2, after the fashion of the Japanese takeyari, a bamboo spear used to repel airdropped troops.[1] Javanese troops historically used iron-headed spears measuring 12-14 feet, with great dexterity.[2][3]


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