This article is about the the hero in Age of Mythology. For the hero in Age of Empires, see Hero Jason.
Jason is the Archaic Age hero for Zeus.

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Like all Greek Heroes, Jason is strong against Myth Units but can tackle most units on the battlefield. As the first available Hero for Zeus he is critical in fighting off Myth Units early in the game, and for poaching early relics.

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Age -- 22

Homeland -- Iolcos, later Corinth

Occupation -- leader of the Argonauts

In fear of a prophecy that he would someday be killed by Jason, King Pelias of Iolcos sent the hero on an impossible quest, to obtain the Golden Fleece from the distant country of Colchis. Jason had built at Argos the great ship Argo and gathered a host of heroes to accompany him, thereafter known as the Argonauts. After a number of adventures, including the first passage of the Symplegades (the Bosphorus), the Argonauts arrived at Colchis, believed to be somewhere on the edge of the Black Sea. King Aeetes of Colchis demanded that Jason fulfill a number of tasks to obtain the fleece, including plowing a field with fire-breathing oxen, sowing the teeth of a dragon in a field and fighting the army that rose up from them, and finally getting past the dragon that guarded the fleece itself. With the fleece in hand, Jason fled with Medea, Pelias’s daughter and had many adventures returning home. Medea plotted the death of King Pelias, fulfilling the old prophecy. When their marriage failed, Medea took a terrible revenge. Jason was killed many years later by a timber from the Argo.


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