The Jail Wall in an unconstructable type of Wall in Age of Mythology. Fences are only available in the Scenario Editor, but also appear in some campaign scenarios of the Fall of the Trident campaign.

Campaign appearance Edit

Jail Walls are included as segments of normal Walls (mostly of the Egyptian variant), in order to represent prisons that are highly relevant to the plot of the campaign.

For example, in Isis, Hear My Plea and Let's Go, Arkantos and most of the heroes' group (except for Amanra) are ambushed by Kemsyt just outside the city of Abydos. As soon as they are captured, they are sent to a prison to a distant island. Eventually, Amanra, with Isis' assistance manages to reach them before Gargarensis executes Arkantos with his trident.

History Edit

This wall is designed to keep those locked behind it inside. The bars give visibility in and out, but are made of iron fixed in stone. The doors in this wall are closed with heavy locks, though the walls and locks are not completely invulnerable and may be destroyed by determined attacks.

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