A dangerous outlaw on horseback armed with a rifle.
—In-game description

The Jagunco is a revolutionary outlaw that is available to Brazil once the "Jaguncos" Home City Card is sent, and can be trained at Stable, Fort, Galleon/Fluyt, and Saloon.

Jaguncos behave similarly to Comancheros, only armed with a rifle instead of revolver, costs food instead of coin, uses 1 population instead of 7, and can build Livestock Pens, train Cows, and gather food from livestock, akin to that of Argentinian Gauchos and Granaderos, Mexican Vaqueros, Peruvian Morochucos and Llaneros, and American Cowboys.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Jagunco shares the Outlaw Rider portrait, even though the in-game human model uses the Outlaw Rifleman skin (with small variations on the coat and hat) and the horse model uses the Outlaw Rider one.
  • The in-game name is written incorrectly. The correct form is written with a cedilla (Jagunço) and not with a C.

History[edit | edit source]

Also know as cangaceiro, the Jagunço was in northeastern Brazil, a fugitive criminal or any violent man who lent himself to the paramilitary work of protection and security to any influential individual (eg, farmer, politician) and as a consequence, was hidden from the law enforcement by said influential individual.

Hes also the equivalent to the North American plantation overseer, as the Jagunços watched over the slaves in brazilian plantations, being responsible for the safety of the farm, farmer, his family and the slaves. They also served as a search and capture force when slaves fled.

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